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cannot download The download link provided https://google.com/webdesigner redirect to https://webdesigner.withgoogle… I get an error message when trying to access the download page, is it limited to certain accounts? Hello all, I noticed that the download page is not available (at least in Romania), I tried accessin…
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taparea/clicklayer disappearing in Firefox Hi, after finishing my ad successfully and testing it on the browsers I've found problems on correct…
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Ad slow to appear when I preview in browser When I preview my Google Ad animation I've created in Google Web Designer, the preview animation doe…
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How do change the viewport so everything align top and left? I do get the "0,0" coordinate to move closer the top-left edge of view port? and how to get reid of … Symantec prevents access to google web designer My company started using Symantec and it is preventing me from using GWD. I've been trying to access…
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trying to import MP4, says "unsupported file format" but MP4 is supported. setting details? just getting started, have an MP4 file, trying to import, error: "unsupported component found" -- wh… YouTube profile icon doesn't pause the video on exit Hi there, I'm using the YouTube component, and since YouTube discontinued the showinfo option, it lo… Google web designer will not start - already added the boolean row in the plist file Hi! I use Google Webdesigner for a couple of years now and since today the program will not start an…
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Local Publish button disables as soon as you click location icon, stays disabled. I have just downloaded ( Created a simple HTML Page with a 100% fitted iFrame and nothin…
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Use Dynamic ad with static data source Hi there, Is it possible to use a dynamic ad template with a static data source? I'm looking to crea…
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When I try to manage assets, Launch Studio, and it tells me "Authorization Failed". Help? Trying to design a basic banner ad. Closed out Chrome, reopened in my work account. GWD is open in m…
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Preview template not previewing in program and only showing static template in published file Preview not previewing. When looking at published file in Chrome or Edge banner ad not moving. It's …
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When I publish a Billboard GWD, I have a blue border around the video. How do I get rid of it? Nothing. I created billboard (800x250) with a component (video), selected a *.webm file and nothing … Mac OS 10.14.4 Safari 12.1 load problems Hi, since the latest Mac/safari update, I keep getting this error, on banners that worked previously…
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