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Google Web Designerで作成したDynamicXのバナーを調整したい GoogleWebDesinerでDynamic Remarketing with Individual Thmbnails and Single CTAを使ってバナーを作成しているのですが、 320…
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YouTube component no sound mobile I’ve built an ad with the YouTube component in, i’ve created an event to toggle the sound but on mob…
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images not displaying on mobile and tablets Ads created in GWD display correctly on desktop browsers, but drop images when tested on mobiles and…
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Preview works, but Publish Locally does not I have a scrolling function that I've been using for years, it is called on body load:
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How do I make the products "blinking" with a blue border and the prices as it is in the template? I wanted to make the products "blinking" as it is in the template with default testing five_product_… ClikckTag not working correctly on IOS Mobile APP. Hello all - I am having ads kicked back from our trafficking department regarding clicktag issues in…
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Motion path animation not working inside a group Motion path animation not showing up after making a group with other element. Your help is much appr… Is it possible to use Fluid/Responsive Display AD (template) with animation? Getting started with designing Google Display Ads. Do I have to build out each ad size or will using…
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Not able to upload GWD responsive adds to Google Ads I am reltively new to GWD. I have created an ad from the templates and also an empty ad from scratch…
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