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hi please i need help, hi please i need help, i am using a wordpress to host my website. after designing an Expandable ad o…
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I bought an ad banner from envato theme, and i can only edit the ad with GWD Please i need help i bought an already made ad template on Envato market. i am trying to edit the ad banner on GWD but …
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Custom fonts publish error Before the latest upgrade to GWD Version | Shell Build, I was always able to add …
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why can't i insert keyframes on any of my assets? I have opened up new pages, i've explored through display and video/google ads formats and I am stil…
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ClickTag how to add it (not areaclick) Hi, I have issue with google ad. I'm making banners for client and they want them to be clickable. S…
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Re-truncating updated text fields setting Truncate works on a bound text field, but when I reload new text into it programmatically it…
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GWD unusable When I want to place an element to an ad banner I can not grab the element from the libary with mous…
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Option to select a date I would like to create an ad where potential customers are able to select a date (DD/MM/YY) and then…
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When I switch to Non-Google ad, my images partially or fully disappear - WHY? Why, when I switch from my Display
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Can we use green sock for google ads? Hi, I would be interested in knowing how we can use green sock with google ads? You people have prov…
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Why is there a three second delay when the published ad loads? All of my published html5 ads created in the Display and Video 360 environment have a three second d…
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Updated version of Google Web Designer available! v7.1.0 We've just released an updated version of Google Web Designer, available now! 6 changes have been ma…
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Google Web Designer: Swipeable Gallery Component Bug - all Elements display at once We've had a Problem recently, where a Dynamic Ad with multiple Elements in a Swipeable Gallery Compo… In amp banners is loading a JS file, https://cdn.ampproject.org/amp4ads-v0.js but it's not loaded, The file https://cdn.ampproject.org/amp4ads-v0.js has a problem in browser shows DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_…
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Google Ads vs Non-Google Ads I am building out ads for Google Ads and using the Google Ads template. Previews look great, however…
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Can GWD also create AMPHTML ads for Google Ad Manager? In GWD I can create AMPHTML ads for both Google Ads and DV360. But what if I have to make an AMPHTML…
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