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Hello all, 

I've made a banner for my company to run on an external site. The ad is 330x300 and the main canvas and all it's elements need to keep the same aspect ratio as the size of the browser window changes. This seems impossible. I've tried using fixed and percentages, "tried match to viewport", "expandable", "fluid layouts" etc in all kinds of combinations, but all it does is move the objects around and mess up the proportions. Does anyone know how to fix this?

To be clear: i need the ad to scale proportionally and fill upp the entire width of the browser window.
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Fixed aspect ratio (A/R) layouts are not supported directly but there are workarounds:
  1. Most common is to set every element to % values, and specify ad slots that are fixed aspect ratios.
  2. SVGs and other image elements will honor fixed aspect ratios, so if your entire ad were an image or layered images then it would be fixed A/R.
  3. There is a padding trick (e.g; width:100%; padding-bottom:50%;) to guarantee fixed aspect ratios of non-image elements but that only works for limited combinations of A/R & viewport sizes.
  4. Full A/R control of non-image elements requires a JavaScript solution and can be implemented quite simply with jQuery in GWD Code view although not supported directly by Google Web Designer so you won't see the results in stage preview during the authoring experience.
Hope that helps,

Google Web Designer team
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