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We've just released an updated version of Google Web Designer, available now!

A new version of Google Web Designer is available! 11 issues have been fixed in this release. Read below for additional details.

Updating Google Web Designer
Google Web Designer automatically updates upon launch if you have an internet connection. You can also download the latest version.

Fixes and improvements in version
  • Fixed publishing issue for documents that included a timeline event and animation in the media rules.
  • Fixed issue with mask not getting removed when undone.
  • Code view minimap now scrolls with the editor window.
  • Fixed issue where the Code view minimap wasn't draggable after reaching the bottom of the document.
  • Fixed issue where "Reset to defaults" did not reset some Code view preferences.
  • Ruler guides now respect the "Snap to objects" option.
  • Fixed issue with text fitting not working in non-Google ads.
  • Fixed issue with adding an effect from the Preset panel of the Particle Effects dialog after scrolling to the right end of the panel.
  • Fixed undefined tooltip for the Autoplay property in the Particle Effects dialog.
  • Fixed scrolling issue in the Components panel when clicking on the scrollbar.
  • Fixed issue where the template wasn't selected in the Template Gallery when trying to open it via URL and Google Web Designer wasn't running.

New features in version 7.0.0

Code view improvements
  • Text files, published Google Web Designer files, and HTML files that were created outside of Google Web Designer can now be opened and edited in Code view.
  • You can open image files in Google Web Designer, as well as edit SVG files in Code view.
  • A minimap overlay highlights the visible portion of text in Code view.
  • The Files panel now includes a refresh button to let you load changes to the list of project files.
  • Image thumbnails display when hovering over image files in the Files panel.
  • New keyboard shortcuts have been added:
    • Shift+Tab: Decreases the indentation of the current line or selected text.
    • Ctrl+G (Windows) or ⌘+G (Mac): If the search panel is open, finds the next match.
    • Shift+Ctrl+G (Windows) or Shift+⌘+G (Mac): If the search panel is open, finds the previous match.
  • A new “restrict to selection” option in the search panel limits searches and replacements to the selected text.
  • Additional preferences let you configure HTML formatting options. Learn more.
  • Select your programming language in the Code view footer for the appropriate syntax coloring and code hints. 

Guide layers
Toggle elements as guide layers to keep them from showing up in the browser preview or published files.
  • Guide layers act like regular elements while you're working on your document, making them useful for comments, blueprints, or prototypes.
  • You can convert guide layers back to regular elements.

Hide part of an element by using a mask.
  • Clip path masks only show the part of the host element that fits inside a geometric shape.
  • Image masks use the transparent regions of an image to determine what parts of the host element to hide.
  • Gradient masks apply a gradient to fade out the host element.

Particle Effects component
Add animation effects based on particle systems, including snow, rain, fire, steam, and smoke.
  • Start with preset configurations, then customize the particles' appearance and behavior to make your own effects.
  • You can add multiple effects to the same image or set of images.

Transition Gallery component
Use this new gallery to display a series of images with transition animation between each image.
  • Select from a range of transition types: Fade, Push, Wipe, Slice, Blinds, Rotate, and Zigzag.

Other notable changes
  • The Ad Validator no longer displays warnings about the 500K size limit for Display & Video 360 ads.
  • A keyboard shortcut for publishing has been added: Ctrl+Shift+P (Windows) or Cmd+Shift+P (Mac).
  • Animation in media rules now works in Internet Explorer 11.
  • The publishing path is now saved as a relative path to the author file so that Google Web Designer files can be moved to other computers without updating the publish location.
  • Publishing is now blocked if there are missing assets.

Fixes & improvements in version

Code view
  • Fixed issue with custom color swatches not refreshing when switching between documents in Code view.
  • Zoom percentage is now remembered for code files.
Components & runtime
  • Date Swap component properties are now localized.
  • Tooltips for labels and values are now localized for UI components.
  • The page events "Page activated" and "Page deactivated" are now translated.
  • The Video component events "Play after pause" and "Seeked" are now translated.
  • Fixed issue with events not displaying in the Events panel when the column width was set to be less than the minimum.
  • Fixed refresh issue in the Events panel when removing element IDs.
  • Fixed issue where group event wasn't editable after exiting the group editing mode.
Interactive Video
  • Renamed hotspots and cue points are now updated for existing events.
  • Fixed issue with resizing hotspots using the control handles on the hotspot's right edge.
  • Video timeline now scrolls to the hotspot track for the selected hotspot.
  • Fixed issue where undo didn't work after moving a hotspot with the mouse.
  • Fixed issue with "Type cue point id" label overlapping with the field in some languages.
  • Newly created hotspots now have better default dimensions.
  • Deleting hotspots or cue points now also deletes their events.
  • Fixed issue where video could turn invisible when resizing the video timeline.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect use count for a group nested inside another group.
  • Selected assets are now highlighted across the panel width.
  • Fixed issue with asset count showing 0 when an element with a CSS asset reference is pasted across documents.
  • Fixed issue where the Publish button remained disabled after trying to publish to a non-existent folder.
  • Fixed issue with motion path animation not working inside a group if the "Groups unpacking" option was unchecked in the Publish dialog.
  • Fixed issue where elements weren't visible in the published file if they had a background-image URL containing parentheses.
Timeline & animation
  • Fixed issue where a new keyframe was deselected instead of multi-selecting when holding Shift while selecting another keyframe.
  • Removing an event marker in the timeline now removes the event from the Events panel.
  • Fixed issue with current time showing as Nan:NaN after deleting it.
  • Fixed issue with Google Web Designer freezing after selecting a keyframe and holding Shift while dragging to select other keyframes.
  • Fixed issue with animated base styles not pasting correctly to another document.
  • Animation classes are now removed from elements when media rule overrides are cleared and no other animations exist.
  • [Motion path] Fixed issue where the animation rule wasn't removed when all motion path animation keyframes were deleted.
  • [Outliner] Tooltips have been added for layer status icons (hidden and locked).
  • [Outliner] Outliner icons no longer move when scrolling horizontally.
  • [Media rules] Fixed issue where media rules weren't overriding animation with no animation.
  • [CSS panel] Fixed issue where the timeline didn't reflect a deleted animation rule.
  • Fixed issue with importing an image with " in its name.
  • Fixed issue with copying and pasting styles in media rules even when the destination document had matching media rules.
  • Fixed issue where the workspace jumped to an element off to the side after moving an element in the center of the stage.
  • Removed text-tool-feedback class that appeared in Code view for list elements.
  • Fixed issue with copying and pasting elements with background-image.
  • Fixed issue with switching Studio accounts when user roles differed for each account.
  • Fixed issue with Design view rulers shifting when switching between documents.
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