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Templates and component fixes may be released separately from new versions of Google Web Designer:

Release notes

A new version of Google Web Designer is available! 1 issue has been fixed in this release. Read below for additional details.

Updating Google Web Designer

Google Web Designer automatically updates upon launch if you have an internet connection. You can also download the latest version.

Compatibility changes starting in July 2020:

Google Web Designer authoring files created prior to July 2014 (in version 1.0.5 or older) will no longer open. If you have older files, please open them with the latest version of Web Designer and save them again to ensure future compatibility.

Fixes & improvements in version

  • Fixed issue where Google Fonts failed to load when adding new fonts.

Fixes & improvements in version

  • Fixed issue where the 3D model's initial lighting was too bright.

New templates in version

  • Swirl Color Selector - A 300x600 Swirl creative with standard elements (a 3D model, logo, CTA button, and gesture cue) and color chips to change the 3D model's color.
  • Swirl Color Selector Expandable - A 300x250 Swirl creative that can expand to full screen, with standard elements (a 3D model, logo, CTA button, and gesture cue) and color chips to change the 3D model's color.
  • Swirl Hotspot - A 300x600 Swirl creative with standard elements (a 3D model, logo, CTA button, and gesture cue) and hotspots that display additional information about the 3D model.
  • Swirl Hotspot Expandable - A 300x250 Swirl creative that can expand to full screen, with standard elements (a 3D model, logo, CTA button, and gesture cue) and hotspots that display additional information about the 3D model.

Fixes & improvements in version


  • Image Effect component now works in older browser versions.
  • Fixed missing "Image Effect" header in the Properties panel of the Image Effect dialog.
  • Fixed runtime error in the Sprite Sheet component.
  • Copying and pasting the Transition Gallery component across documents now also correctly copies the images.

File operations

  • Fixed issue creating or opening a file with an ampersand (&) character in the file path.
  • Fixed issue where disk monitoring was unable to save recovered documents.


  • Fixed "This app isn't verified" error when publishing to Google Drive.
  • Fixed issue where GreenSock libraries couldn't be included in Code view if another document was open.
  • "Hostpage scroll" event is now only listed in the Event dialog for ads with an environment of "Display & Video 360".

New features in version

Audio file import

Easily add audio files to your project.

  • Import MP3, OGG, and WAV audio files.
  • The Library panel now lists audio assets.


Custom element upgrade to V1

Components now use the Custom Elements V1 specification.

  • Standard (non-custom) components in your documents are automatically upgraded when possible.
  • For a limited time, custom components that use the old V0 specification will continue to be supported. Follow our upgrade guide for these outdated components.

Disk monitoring

Google Web Designer now detects when open files are changed on disk by other applications.

  • You'll be notified when a file has been edited outside of Google Web Designer, and can choose between refreshing the file to load those changes, or keeping the current version.
  • Deleted, renamed, or moved files also trigger a warning.

Image color extraction

Generate a miniature color palette for an image.

  • Create a set of 5 colors based on the selected image, and use these colors like any other swatches.

Initial load size

The initial load size is now calculated differently.

  • The initial load size displayed in the Ad Validator and the Publish dialog now includes relevant assets.

Mask copy and paste

You can now cut, copy, and paste masks.

  • Copy and paste masks between elements, even in different documents.

Outliner enhancements

New functionality is available in the Outliner panel:

  • Rearrange elements in the DOM order by dragging and dropping them, including nesting them under different parent elements.
  • Access the context menu for an element by right-clicking it within the Outliner panel.
  • See which elements are guide layers or have dynamic data bindings.

Outliner Overview - Google Web Designer

Parallax enhancements

The Parallax component includes new features:

  • An optional middle state lets you build animations that change direction or opacity.
  • Configure the animation timing so it starts and ends at specified points during scrolling.
  • Access the Library directly within the Parallax editing dialog.
  • Undo and redo commands are now supported for changes in the Parallax editing dialog.
  • Shift+click to select multiple layers is now supported.

Send preview to device

You can now preview your creative on a phone or tablet.

  • Send a preview of your ad to a mobile device that has the Creative Preview app installed.
  • Available for ads with an ad environment of Display & Video 360, Google Ads, or Google AdMob. AMPHTML ads and expandable ads that expand to custom sizes are not supported.

Get Shareable Link and Send Preview to Device Overview - Google Web Designer

Shareable preview link

There's a new way to let other people preview your work.

  • From the Preview button, generate a link that you can share so others can preview your project within their browsers.
  • Available for ads with an ad environment of Display & Video 360, Google Ads, or Google AdMob. AMPHTML ads and expandable ads that expand to custom sizes are not supported.

New Parallax templates in version

  • Parallax Materialize - After the invitation text scrolls away, an object and additional text appear.
  • Parallax Barn Doors - A pair of doors open to reveal an object, then close to display a logo.

Other notable changes in version

  • Events that are attached to elements are now copied and pasted along with the elements.

Fixes and improvements in version

Code view

  • Fixed issue with long labels in some languages causing misalignment in the Code view preferences dialog.
  • Fixed issue with the language mode dropdown not closing when clicking outside of it.
  • Fixed focus issue after inserting a JavaScript library in Code view.
  • Whole word search now works properly.
  • Restrict-to-selection search in Code view now accounts for multiple selections.
  • Fixed issue with "End file with newline" option also inserting a newline before </style> and </script> tags.
  • Restrict-to-selection search matches are now scrolled into view in Code view.
  • Fixed issue with the Files filter resetting after collapsing and expanding the project directory.
  • Zoom controls are now hidden in Code view when displaying an image.


  • Parallax
    • Fixed issue where using the arrow keys to move an element in the Parallax dialog scrolled the Layers panel.
  • Particle Effects
    • Getting started text now refers to adding a preset rather than an image.
    • Fixed issue with drop target highlight when dragging an asset.
    • Fixed issue with the particle effects clearing when switching pages.
    • Fixed issue with component disappearing after changing attributes with scripting.
    • Fixed issue where animation cannot be played again after the time limit is reached.
  • Transition Gallery
    • Fixed issue with the component background image not rendering on the stage after applying a gradient background color and animating the component.
    • Fixed issue with editing the transition gallery inside a group.


  • Fixed issue with selecting "Image URL" when applying the "Pluck and join" filter for a custom dynamic schema.
  • Fixed issue where the custom schema account dropdown failed to appear after canceling and reopening the dynamic dialog.
  • "Dynamic Remarketing" has been removed from the Dynamic Vertical filter list in the Template Gallery, as Dynamic Remarketing for Display & Video 360 has been sunsetted.


  • Fixed issue where the original element didn't render correctly after undoing a cut and paste action inside the nested group.
  • Fixed issue where a grouped image did not render after pasting across documents.

Interactive video dialog

  • Fixed issue with undoing the deletion of a hotspot by clicking the X.
  • Fixed rounding issue when using decimal points.


  • Images with periods in the path now can be imported to the Library.
  • Fixed issue with the Library appearing to accept dragged items from other panels.
  • [Studio Asset Library] Launch button now remains after signing out.
  • Fixed issue where refreshing the Library caused images to display at their original size when scaling was not set to "Stretch image to fill”.

Preview in browser

  • Fixed issue where focal points did not update when resizing the ad in preview by freehand.
  • Add more sizes to the advanced mode responsive preview sizes list for Display & Video 360: 360x640, 360x592, and 375x667.
  • The default preview mode for an HTML file has changed from Mobile to Desktop.
  • Fixed truncated labels in preview for some languages.


  • Fixed error when changing a <span> to a <p> tag.
  • Fixed issue where Bulleted List and Numbered List layers didn't display in the timeline until the file was saved and reopened.


  • The height of the Outliner panel no longer changes when opening the closed tab underneath.
  • Fixed issue with docking a floating panel to other panels after closing all but one tab in the floating panel.
  • The document tab overflow dropdown menu now closes a file as soon as the X button is clicked.
  • Fixed truncation issue with the pop-up menu in the collapsed floating panel.
  • The document tab overflow dropdown menu now can list more than 17 files.


  • Fixed issue causing “Insufficient Permissions” error when publishing to Studio or Display & Video 360.
  • Fixed issue with clipboard commands not working after switching to Code view and back.
  • Fixed issue with pop-up color mixer not closing upon an outside click if the gradient color picker was open.
  • Fixed issue where the stage preview was incorrect for images with a focal point when changing viewport size.
  • [Events panel] Fixed issue with dragging an event to the end of the list.
  • Fixed issue where toggling the "Expanded" and "Centered" page properties created duplicate undo/redo entries.
  • Fixed issue with Google Web Designer crashing when group preview failed.
  • Popup_closed_by_user" notification no longer displays when canceling the Sign In window.
  • An error message now displays when trying to change animation looping for a layer with empty keyframes.
  • The zoom indicator now updates correctly when switching pages or editing a group.
  • Fixed issue with missing data in the sample dynamic data for the Cue Cards template.

Known issues

  • Safari only: <canvas> elements with drawings prevent the animation of clip path masks.
  • Chrome and Opera: Clip path masks render incorrectly when the host element contains a 3D-transformed child element.
  • References to custom Google Web Designer elements (gwd-image, gwd-video, gwd-audio, gwd-iframe, gwd-page, and gwd-pagedeck) may not work as expected. Learn how you can update your references.
  • Timeline animation events, such as pause or loop, do not work when you directly open the source .html file in your browser. This is expected behavior, as timeline animation CSS is generated when previewing or publishing the document. Solution: use the Preview button, or publish the document locally and view the published file in your browser.
  • Image files without a file extension with a period in the file name don't import into the Library. Workaround: add the file extension (such as .png) to the file name.
  • A black screen on launch may be caused by outdated video drivers. Try updating your video drivers. If that doesn't help, disable GPU rendering by quitting Google Web Designer and following the instructions for your operating system before relaunching:
    • Windows: Add a DWORD32 value named disable-gpu-rendering to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Google\Web Designer\Settings in the registry. Set this value to 1.
    • Mac: Add a Boolean row to ~/Library/Preferences/ with the name disable-gpu-rendering and a value of YES, or run defaults write disable-gpu-rendering -bool true in Terminal.
    • Linux: Add a line to ~/.local/share/google-web-designer/preferences/settings.conf with the name disable-gpu-rendering and a value of true. (If the [Settings] section doesn't exist, you'll need to create it first.)
  • For a video to autoplay when an ad is re-expanded on Mac Safari, the first video source should be .mp4.
  • Gradient background fill on an image only renders when scaling is set to stretch.
  • A maximum of 4 panels can be grouped/tabbed together.
  • White screen on launch if behind a web proxy. Please follow these instructions to change your proxy settings.
  • Mac Chrome, Opera, IE: Play button doesn't work in Google Web Designer preview when Autoplay preview is on. Workaround: remove localhost from the URL to use file:///
  • Linux only: file drag and drop from the file system to Google Web Designer is not working. Workaround: use File > Import assets or Add asset from the Library.
  • Downloading iCalendar .ics files is not supported on Safari desktop browser.
  • It is not possible to have more than one Map component or Street View component, or a Map and a Street View component in the same creative.
  • Linux only: if the browser (Chrome or Firefox) is launched by Google Web Designer for preview, Google Web Designer cannot be closed unless the browser is closed first.
  • Linux only: Google Web Designer sometimes loses focus and is unable to take keyboard input when switching between apps. Workaround: resize the Google Web Designer window to bring focus back to the app.
  • Linux only: if the renderer crashes and a white screen appears, set the disable-gpu-rendering to true in Google Web Designer settings. Add a row to ~/.local/share/google-web-designer/preferences/settings.conf with the name disable-gpu-rendering and a value of true. (If the [Settings] section doesn't exist, you'll need to create it first.)
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