Manage workspaces

Workspaces let you save panel arrangements so that you can easily switch between different layouts.

Workspace Panel Sets - Google Web Designer

Switch to a workspace

Select a workspace from the Window > Workspace menu. A tick indicates the active workspace.

The Window menu is only available in Design view.

Workspace menu

Preset workspaces

Google Web Designer provides several preset workspaces:

  • Default - All panels are visible, divided between both sides.
  • Floating - One set of panels is floating (you can move it anywhere in the window).
  • Classic - All panels are visible on the right side.
  • Timeline at the top - The timeline displays above the stage.

Custom workspaces

Custom workspaces are workspaces that you have created. Your previous panel arrangement is saved as a custom workspace:

  • Original – Your previous panel configuration.

Save a new workspace or overwrite an existing workspace

Web Designer launches with the same panel arrangement as the last time that you used the application, but you should explicitly save any layouts that you want to use in the future.

Use the Window > Workspace > Add new workspace... menu command to save the current panel layout. Enter a workspace name:

  • Enter a new workspace name.
  • Enter the name of an existing workplace to overwrite the previously saved panel layout for that workspace.

Web Designer can save up to 20 custom workspaces, not counting the included presets.

Edit a workspace

You can rearrange individual panels and the timeline. Web Designer remembers any changes that you make to the current workspace until you switch to another workspace or reset the current workspace.

You can save your changes by using the Add new workspace... command and entering the current workspace name. Whenever you switch to this workspace or reset it, Web Designer restores this saved version.

Reset a workspace

Restore the last saved version of a custom workspace, or return a preset workspace to its original layout by resetting it:

  1. Switch to the workspace using the Window > Workspace menu.
  2. Select Window > Workspace > Reset <workspace name>. The current workspace name displays in the menu command.

Delete a workspace

Hover over a workspace name in the Window > Workspace menu and click the recycle bin icon .

You can't delete the active workspace or preset workplaces.

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