About the Pen tool and shape tools

The Pen and shape tools create graphics within an SVG element. SVG is an XML-based image format used for vector graphics. Google Web Designer creates the XML in the background when you use these tools to create images.

Google Web Designer versions 1.9.1 and older use a canvas tag for shapes. Newer versions of Web Designer will automatically convert canvas shapes to SVG. Converted ovals with an inner radius may appear differently and need adjustment.

To choose the Pen tool, Oval tool, Rectangle tool or Line tool, click and hold the Pen tool in the toolbar. A pop-up menu appears, so you can select the shape that you want to add.

Note: In some case, Firefox version 56 may not render SVG elements correctly .

Resizing SVGs

If you're resizing an SVG image or shape to make it larger, use the width and height properties rather than 3D scaling. If you're using the Selection tool Transform control, you may need to change the sizing style.
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