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Release notes

A new version of Google Web Designer is available! Five new features have been implemented, and 103 issues have been fixed as part of this release. Read below for additional details.

Auto Update (Internet connection required)

If you have a previous version of Google Web Designer, it will be automatically updated to the latest version.

Important: Google Web Designer requires an internet connection.

New features since version

Responsive layout

Google Web Designer has added the ability to create responsive layouts for your documents. For ad designers, this means creating a single ad that can restyle its elements as the orientation or size changes, rather than having to create multiple similar ads. Keeping with standard responsive design principles, Google Web Designer uses CSS3 media queries to let you apply different styling rules for different sized ads.

The responsive design UI lets you easily create breakpoints for both horizontal and vertical viewport changes, letting you create ads that can be styled for different sizes and orientations. You can also create distinct portrait and landscape versions with a separate set of breakpoints for each orientation.

Google Web designer helps you keep track of the different horizontal and vertical ranges in your ad by showing each range as a different colored bar above the rulers. Each rectangle where different ranges intersect is represented by its own style.

New User Interface and panel workflow

Inspired by material design, the user interface has been re-designed for visual appeal and ease of use. Some features have been moved to be easier to find, and others have been rearranged to provide a more consistent experience.

The panels in Google Web Designer can be resized, rearranged, and overlapped so that you can have the access you need without unused panels getting in the way.

Component presentation on stage

Components now show representations of their contents on stage so it’s possible to align images, and visualize layout without needing to preview the changes each time you make a change.

Text Improvements

  • You can now apply and define default fonts for text styles in the text tag dropdown.
  • The workflow for adding Google fonts is now simpler

Code Editor Enhancements

  • New color themes have been added, giving you a more than a dozen color schemes to choose from
  • You can now choose from several key mappings, including mappings for Emacs, Sublime, and Vim
  • Once set, your color theme and key map are saved across sessions
  • Easy access to code view with Shift+Command/Ctrl+C keystroke

Fixes & Improvements since version

Code view

  • Change the highlight color of the text selection
  • Save the same code theme across the session
  • When switching Theme, everything is highlighted in brackets { }
  • Tab key inserts the tab character
  • Cursor becomes I-beam pointer when hovering over the scroll bars
  • Search bar covers search word when word at top of document and search wraps

Components and Ads Runtime

  • Change "Swipable" to "Swipeable"
  • [Swipeable gallery] Autoplay should start from first frame in page, not current/center frame
  • [Feature Request] Carousel pause media on frame change
  • [Carousel gallery][Preview] Navigation indicators overlaps the frame
  • [Carousel Gallery][I18N/L10N] Untranslated strings in Advanced settings
  • [StreetView] Inputs for Heading and Pitch fields should be validated as decimal numbers
  • [Map] Adds support for re-positioning the Map to a different center location after it has been rendered
  • [360 Gallery][Feature Request] prevent the 360 Gallery component from wrapping the first and last images by adding an optional wrap="false" attribute
  • [Save All] if a BYOC custom element is in a file that's not the current active document, Save all has a runtime error
  • Counter automatically added when using Tap Area Component
  • [BYOC Component] "Unable to download one or more files" error
  • [BYOC Component] When deleting BYOC components from stage, css class is not removed
  • Extra Exits added to creative upon upload to Studio
  • [Component][TapArea][Event]: Exit override url throw error with apostrophe in a url
  • ExitOverride mistakenly adds Counter event (that never fires) for dynamic ads
  • GWD text-fit truncation bug in Firefox and Internet Explorer

CSS panel

  • Ability to increment/decrement values in CSS Panel by using up/down or shift-up/down
  • Dirty marker does not update when editing css properties via css panel
  • Rules rendered multiple times after adding rule with existing selector
  • Property invalidation only works in inline style
  • Rule with #id selector not shown for new element after ID is assigned
  • Deleted rule re-added to wrong element, after change selection and undo delete
  • Stage selection bounding box in wrong place after undo rule delete
  • Style property "Add" button does not reappear if new style blurred
  • Unexpected state after disabled CSS property undo
  • Multiple rules with same selector: wrong rule deleted on redo delete
  • Pseudo-class selector displayed with internal fix after undo
  • Cannot undo property value change after undo rule delete
  • Multiple instances of the same class selector appears after adding an element from the code view
  • Classes with pseudo-selectors not displayed if added in Code View
  • Custom inline style on GWD node detaches from CSS UI panel but still persists in code view when deleted from Design View
  • Cannot set property with !important flag in the inline style


  • Text UI boxes are small and inconsistent with other UI
  • [Bindings dialog] Please localize the strings "Exit override URL" for Tap Area Component.
  • Custom binding attributes (added in code view) must be displayed in element properties dropdown
  • JSONSchema parsed not properly handling "definitions" and "$ref"
  • error "profile information could not be fetched" when there is a space at the end of the profile name
  • Stage turns black when opening a dynamic file that is missing dynamic account info.
  • Preview not properly rendering the creative
  • Smooth out user flow for dynamic binding UI for Doubleclick creatives by using a default option when no schema is selected
  • Support JSONSchema definitions to support object arrays
  • GWD preview fails if dynamic payload contains = or &
  • No error message shown in the butter bar or inside the Dynamic dialog when trying to sign in with an email account that has no access to Studio.
  • Studio advertiser level login can not create data binding
  • GMD feed binding not showing image_derived object's child properties.

File IO

  • [Windows only] GWD is crashing when importing a large image to the stage
  • No error message when trying to create a file in a read-only directory
  • Empty error message when creating a file from template and save in a read-only directory
  • The selection is not cleared when closing a GwdDocument if the next current document happens to be a TextDocument
  • [Feature Request] Add keyboard shortcut for Save all
  • Close file key (Command+W) repeatedly starts graying out the app
  • Code gets reformatted after the ad file is saved, closed, and re-opened


  • Multiple file selection gets deselected when the library panel is scrolled
  • SVG image files do not show the correctly dimensions in the Library preview window
  • Wrong warning message in butter bar when editing the image source in the Properties panel
  • [Mac only] Not able to delete asset in library panel when using the "control" key to bring out the context menu


  • Templates fail to preview from the Templates gallery
  • [Feature Request] Clean up old un-used template files in user system
  • "images" attributes should not be used for Gallery Navigation Components
  • YouTube Masthead Video Thumbnails In-Page - problem with playing multiple videos
  • AppEng_Std_Fade broken Kaboom image in carousel from %20 in source path
  • AppEng_Std_Slide is broken in portrait (document is set to 0x0)
  • Dashed outline around the ad not removed automatically in template verticals
  • Missing Asset & incorrect src path: "Travel with Search Form 300x250 600x250"


  • Improve "add Google font" flow: more font... is now added to the Font dropdown
  • When using Input options bar showing font false, size 0, and font color none
  • The block becomes editable after Indent More/Less selection
  • Right/Left arrow keys are causing the stage to move
  • Quote is not applied correctly when applying it to second


  • Inline style is not applied to a selected text block when the same inline style is already applied to a part of text
  • Text tool becomes unstable after using Undo
  • Pasting in a text box preserves HTML
  • Text in the copied text block is wrapping while original text block text is not
  • BR tag is visible
  • Edit element's added classes are lost when exiting the edit element.
  • Font is not updating when creating a new doc
  • Feature Request: Support Custom Font use in GWD
  • Words wrap differently when editing
  • Text block becomes very tiny (1px width) after shrinking it using handles
  • Able to draw a text block inside of another text block


  • Layer or keyframe selection gets lost with using the vertical scroll bar in Timeline
  • UI doesn't change when "looping" is on or off
  • Timeline layer alignment breaks, shifts up, rulers and playhead are hidden
  • Child animation does not play after copying and pasting of a parent animation that has animation


  • [Selection] Single click to select moves elements unexpectedly on the stage
  • [Selection] anchor element cannot be selected when it's on top of another element
  • [Stage] Unable to move scroll bars after mouse move outside the stage, and mouse up over some other part of the workspace, such as the Tools panel
  • Studio account and creative info should be removed when Save As a different file
  • [Studio][Dual Interstitial ad] Landscape page doesn't work on device and in studio (mobile web)
  • [CSS] Preview and publish fail when a GWD unsupported CSS at-rule is used (@import)
  • [Fedora] Google Web Designer failed to upgrade due to the missing Google signing key
  • [Color] Undo won't return removed color stop
  • [Color] Saved custom swatches are not shown in the color popup in the options bar
  • [Dynamic][Publish] Newly added advertiser (shared with other Studio Account) cannot be selected in Publish to Studio dialog and Dynamic dialog.
  • [Groups][UI] Extra HTML codes appears in the warning message "The following event handlers will be deleted because they have a target inside the group and a receiver outside the group."
  • [Groups] Groups runtime broken when "Groups Unpacking" disabled during publish
  • [Zoom] Marquee zoom leaves the black selection box on stage

Known Issues

  • Language switch selection does not persist if Google Web Designer is quit immediately after selecting a language. Workaround: select a language, wait for a minute or two, then quit and launch Google Web Designer again.
  • Only up to 4 panels can be grouped/tabbed together
  • Video Component on iOS doesn't play a video multiple time if the source file .mp4 is the unique source. Workaround: include in the sources at least 2 video files. (it can be the same one repeated). Is CRUCIAL that the .mp4 is not the last video listed in the sources if other formats are used. Valid options are therefore:
    • 1.mp4, 1.ogv, 1.webm
    • 1.mp4, 1.mp4
    • 1.webm, 1.mp4, 1.ogv
  • White screen on launch if behind a web proxy. Please follow these instructions to change your proxy settings.
  • Mac Chrome, Opera, IE : Play button is not working in Google Web Designer Preview when Autoplay preview is on. Workaround: remove localhost from the URL to use file:///
  • Linux only: File drag and drop from the file system to Google Web Designer is not working. Workaround: use File > Import assets or Add asset from the Library
  • Downloading iCalendar ics file is not supported on Safari desktop browser.
  • It is not possible to have more than one map component or street view component, or a map and a street view component in the same creative.
  • Mobile Web: orientation change is not detected in Studio preview and on the devices
  • Linux only: if the browser (Chrome or Firefox) is launched by Google Web Designer for preview, Google Web Designer cannot be closed unless the browser is closed first.
  • Linux only: Google Web Designer sometimes loses focus and is unable to take keyboard input when switching between apps. Workaround: resize the Google Web Designer window to bring focus back to the app.
Video tutorials

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Join an upcoming Hangout on air

Google Web Designer–New Features

A revamped UI and responsive design capabilities, now in Google Web Designer

Thursday, May 26

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Google Web Designer has a brand new look and feel that makes it even sleeker to use! Join our experts for a walk-through of the revamped UI, and be the first to learn about Google Web Designer’s new responsive design capabilities which can help you bring your experiences to life across screens. As always, we'll hold a live Q&A at the end of the session, so be sure to bring your questions! If you’ve already downloaded Google Web Designer, it will automatically update to reflect these new features. 

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