Release notes

A new version of Google Web Designer is available! We've added a new feature, and 22 issues have been fixed as part of this release. Read below for additional details.

Auto Update

If you have a previous version of Google Web Designer, it will be automatically updated to the latest version.

Google Web Designer requires an internet connection to run the first time after installation.

New Feature

Gradient editing tool

The gradient editing tool lets you modify linear and radial gradients in an intuitive and graphical way. Now you can change the angle and the scaling of linear gradients, and the center point and scaling of radial gradients.

22 fixed issues since version


  • Upper-case letters in a class name in the styles tag are changed to lowercase when a file is previewed or published
  • Background images do not render in Preview

YouTube Component

  • Auto-hiding controls don't work if the component is resized

CSS Panel

  • New classes are removed if no styles are added to the class
  • New rule names are set to an empty string when given an invalid name
  • Extra Classes are added if you add a new style tag for a web font and then duplicate the page


  • Events are not displayed when switching between possible actions in the Event Dialog
  • The save button is enabled even though not all the required event configurations are selected


  • Inserting keyframes within the pre-animation delay by pressing F6 shouldn't be allowed in Advanced mode
  • Undoing delete and duration changes throws error in Quick Mode
  • Possible to insert a keyframe at 00:00:00 time by pressing F6 or by right click
  • Deleting text in main level deletes its child element from stage but the layer still remains in the timeline
  • A layer name is un-editable for a div when there is an existing component id in the layers

New File dialog

  • Enabled creating a new directory in the New file dialog

Image Drag and Drop

  • Drag and drop image is not working properly when switching between files from different folder locations

Color Wheel

  • The color wheel popup is cut off when selecting the left color stop for gradient color on canvas-based images


  • Adding a Web Font link in code view freezes GWD when switching back to Design View
  • The <link> is added as the last element in the <head> tag

Multiple elements

  • Errors are created after undoing changes to values in the property inspector

Nested elements

  • The bounding box of a child container does not match with the child element after the border width of the parent container is changed

Multiple image upload dialog

  • URL field should only accept http:// or https:// URLs
  • Google Web Designer should ignore unsupported files that the user is attempting to upload by dragging and dropping
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