Release notes

A new version of Google Web Designer is available! 37 issues have been fixed as part of this release. Read below for additional details.

Auto Update (Internet connection required)

If you have a previous version of Google Web Designer, it will be automatically updated to the latest version.

Important: Google Web Designer requires an internet connection to run the first time after installation.

37 issues have been fixed since version


  • [Gesture] Touch-action attribute with pan-x/pan-y does not disable touch events as expected
  • Default actions for generic expandable file is not set in events panel
  • Engagement Ad - If build Engagement Ad in GWD, creative does not expand the second time.
  • [Video] Seek label should be changed to seeked
  • Gallery with another gallery embedded inside does not load properly
  • [Image] Image component background is visible in design view when Image with the transparent background is dragged, saved, and then reopened
  • [Video component] Video event labels "Play" "Playing" are confusing
  • Tap to Call sometimes does not work in the DoubleClick Studio environment


  • Events Dialog does not validate parameters for DoubleClick GoToPage function
  • Events support file has Timeline events even though timeline was never used
  • [Go to Page] Transition Duration default value should be 1000 instead of 0
  • Use absolute URL validation when validating the DoubleClick component's Exit action URL parameter
  • [Events dialog][360 gallery][i18n][DE] Events breadcrumb wraps to the next line
  • Custom Action will be removed in the code when editing the event to select another Custom Action

File Operations

  • Re-opening a file that's already open in another document tab doesn't update the document tabs to reflect the selected document
  • Creating a new file by overwriting the currently opened file creates new file but GWD shows old file
  • Unable to open JSON file
  • When saving a file to a different folder as part of "Save As", all relative links need to be updated to be relative to the new file path


  • [Upgrade] [Publish dialog] Polite Loading option of Publish dialog is off for the upgraded file
  • [Upgrade] [Publish] Different assets with the same filename, but in different folders are not copied correctly into the upgraded/published folder
  • When user clicks 'cancel' on authorization page, 'access_denied' is shown, should change it to 'Access denied' and localize it
  • [Publish to Drive] Access permission should be inherited from the parent folder instead of setting public
  • [Publish to Studio] Studio package (zip) creation fails if video source file specified in video component src is not present (also happens to image)
  • [Publish to Studio] Cannot publish a Banner file with pages when one of the pages is marked as 'Expanded'
  • [Publish to Studio] Not working for advertiser level users - designer
  • [Publish to Studio] Publish to Studio dialog cannot retrieve the creative info when the creative is removed from Studio
  • [Publish to Studio] The Remove Association button is not enabled yet when the new file is published to Studio but not saved
  • [Publish to Studio] The message box telling user that the file has been changed since last updated should be displayed in the center of the GWD window


  • Document tab doesn't show an entry for a document which has an animation that loops an infinite number of times
  • Timeline length should be saved if it is changed from default
  • Animation delay with stage preview: Stage preview (Play) does not play animation correctly with animation delay depending on the playhead position
  • Animation span dragging does not correctly maintain span durations


  • Dashed outline around the ad not removed automatically
  • Breadcrumb does not update after returning from an edit in code view
  • Documents that contain linear-gradients with older gradient syntax may fail to open
  • [Selection] [Mac only] ctrl+click causes sticky mouse down
  • A document with Google Web Designer shapes that were manually converted to canvas elements by removing the shapes JSON data but not the associated Google Web Designer shape attributes may not get upgraded correctly

Known Issues

  • Animation is not smooth on Nexus 5 + 4.4.2
  • Video doesn't play in IOs 6.x version
  • Intermittent: Publish to Drive/Studio dialog is not opened after signing in or switching account. Workaround: reopen the Publish to Drive/Studio dialog
  • White screen on launch if behind a web proxy. Please follow these instructions to set proxy settings
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