Release notes

A new version of Google Web Designer is available! Over 40 issues have been fixed as part of this release. Read below for additional details.

Auto Update (Internet connection required)

If you have a previous version of Google Web Designer, it will be automatically updated to the latest version.

Important: Google Web Designer requires an internet connection to run the first time after installation.

Fixes and improvements since version


  • [YouTube] Add fullscreen functionality to YouTube Component
  • [YouTube] Expose the "playsinline" option in the YouTube Player
  • [YouTube] GWD YouTube Component loads Flash YouTube player in Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer
  • [YouTube] YouTube player cannot be paused during preview
  • [YouTube] Metric Tracking Issue: Matching metric names are blocking tracking
  • Media elements must be paused on exit
  • [Galleries] Blue borders appears around the navigation while clicking the taparea with Touch Click > Go backwards event
  • [Galleries] Active highlight won't change in navigation while the 360 gallery autoplays in Preview


  • Drag and drop images are not added to the Library panel in GWD if the project folder is on an expansion drive
  • Warning dialog remains in the app after deleting asset(s) and error thrown in dev console. Click OK again or Cancel will dismiss the warning dialog
  • After dragging-dropping a large image to GWD stage, a layer doesn't draw for the image and no image shown on the stage.
  • The asset preview does not show for Video and Audio components in the group.
  • Not able to add assets to library via Add button when there are multiple documents
  • No preview in library preview section when previewing a large image file
  • Preview image remains below the "NO PREVIEW AVAILABLE" when switching documents
  • Asset preview is missing for a Text group
  • Asset Preview is missing for the original rectangle and Line shape group after saving and reopening a file
  • [Localization] New folder name is not set properly
  • Add number increments for creating generic folder name
  • Add the functionality to be able to drag the entire folder with assets onto stage


  • Grouping doesn't preserve events targeting gwd-doubleclick
  • In plain HTML file, the SVG image source is changed to "blob" once the group is edited in isolation mode
  • Error editing SVG image and exiting Edit in Isolation mode
  • It does not show the group with SVG image when previewing in Firefox and Safari
  • Getting error when double-clicking on the SVG file inside a group after saved and reopened the file
  • Cannot select a group on stage that placed behind another group that is locked
  • Layer order changes when a group is edited in isolation
  • Video autoplay is not triggered inside a group
  • In a plain HTML file, an SVG image is not displayed after being imported into a group that has other elements in it
  • Not able use arrow keys to nudge in the group dialog box
  • Unable to delete a group from asset library once we edit in code view
  • Can't apply opacity to a group in keyframes from PI


  • A complex SVG file loses details after being grouped
  • SVG clamps up the linear gradient "stop offset" value between 0% to 100%
  • Changes in the edited svg file didn't shown up in preview and published file
  • Error thrown in dev console when double-clicking on the SVG file created in Illustrator


  • Fonts with no "normal" variant are not properly being loaded in the font picker
  • Adds a search bar and button to the Google Fonts dialog to enable filtering of the font list


  • Saving a file with infinite loop setting throws errors and makes another file not functional
  • Layer reordering gets incorrect when switching pages
  • GWD freezes when switching between tabs while playing animation and using Code View
  • Animation delay doesn't work correctly when page transition is applied
  • UI breaks when dragging a keyframe all the way to the end of the timeline


  • Update copyright year
  • Miscellaneous internationalization and localization issues

Known Issues

  • White screen on launch if behind a web proxy. Please follow these instructions to change your proxy settings
  • Mac Chrome, Opera, IE : Play button is not working in GWD Preview when Autoplay preview is on. Workaround: remove localhost from the URL to use file:///
  • Editing an SVG element in a group, or making a group that contains an edited SVG element is not fully supported and it may cause issues
  • Linux only: File drag and drop from the file system to Google Web Designer is not working. Workaround: use File > Import assets or Add asset from the Library
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