Looping animations

There are two different techniques you can use to loop an animation. Each layer can be looped separately, or you can use events to loop all the layers together for a more complex animation.

To loop the animation on a layer:

  1. Click the loop icon  on the animation layer that you want to loop.
  2. In the pop-up menu, select an option:
    • Infinite – The animation will loop infinitely.
    • The number of times that you want the animation to repeat.
    • None – The animation will not loop.

To loop an animation which uses multiple layers:

  1. Set a timeline label where you want the animation loop to start:
    1. Right-click the event track where you want the animation to start looping and select Add label... from the pop-up menu
    2. Enter a label name such as "loopStart" in the pop-up dialogue.
    3. Press Enter
  2. Right-click the event track where you want the animation loop to end, and select Add event from the pop-up menu
  3. Double-click the event marker and set the timeline looping event like this:
    • Target – Choose the page the animation is on (set automatically)
    • Event – Choose Timeline > event-1 (set automatically)
    • Action – Choose Timeline > gotoAndPlayNTimes
    • Receiver – Choose the page
    • Configuration Choose the label (for example "loopStart") and set the number of times you want to repeat
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