Create a custom template

This feature is unavailable for image ads.

You can save as a template any HTML5 ad, HTML file, video ad, or animated GIF that you create in Google Web Designer. This helps save you time when you're planning to build multiple ads with the same starting elements.

Create a template

  1. Open the document you want to use as a template.
  2. Select File > Save as template...
  3. Name the template (required).
  4. Optionally, select keywords that represent the ad types and features. These can be used to filter your templates later. Google Web Designer automatically selects some keywords that apply to your ad.
  5. For video ads and animated GIFs, select Enable gallery preview for all sizes and variants if you want to be able to preview every size and variant when browsing your custom templates in the future. This option may take additional time in order to generate those previews, depending on the complexity of your project. Otherwise, you'll be able to preview the default variant at the supported largest size when viewing this template in the gallery.
  6. Click Save.

Your custom template files are saved in the location specified in your preferences.

You must explicitly save files as templates using the above method in order to use them as custom templates. Normal document files won't function as templates, even if they're saved in the custom template folder.

Use a custom template

Find the template listed under the My Templates tab when you create a new file from a template.

Share a custom template

  1. Create a new file using your custom template.
  2. Select File > Save as zip...
  3. Share the generated .zip file with others who want to use it.
  4. Each person who receives the file should unzip it, then open the file in Google Web Designer.
  5. They should then select File > Save as template... as per the steps to create a template.

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