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Use assets in the DoubleClick Studio library

DoubleClick Studio users can use supported creative assets in their Studio Asset Library in Google Web Designer.

Using the DoubleClick Studio library

Google Web Designer supports the following asset types:

Images Video Audio

Studio Asset Library files are found under the Studio tab in the Asset Library panel. The folders and assets are shown in a hierarchical view that corresponds to the folder structure for assets in DoubleClick Studio.

DoubleClick assets can only be placed into Google Web Designer documents. New assets cannot be directly added to the DoubleClick Asset Library, and assets in the DoubleClick library cannot be deleted, renamed, moved or reordered from within Google Web Designer.

To add an asset to the workspace:

  1. Click the Studio tag in the Asset Library.
  2. Connect with the DoubleClick library by clicking the Launch button.
    If you're not signed in you'll be prompted to sign in to the Google account that's associated with your DoubleClick Studio account.
  3. Navigate through the folder structure to the asset you want to use.
  4. Drag the asset you want to use from the asset library directly onto the workspace where you want to use it.

Assets in your ad that come from DoubleClick Studio are copied to a folder called "studio" within the local assets folder.

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