Manage assets with the Library

The Library panel displays the images, videos, and other assets that you're using or planning to use in your document.

Add assets to the Library

There are several ways to import assets:

  • Drag the assets from your computer into the Google Web Designer window.
  • Click the Import assets button at the bottom of the Library panel.
  • Use the File > Import assets... menu command.
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+I (Windows) or +Shift+I (Mac).

The assets you select from your file system appear in the Library panel, where you can preview them or drag them onto the stage to include in your document.

See the list of supported asset types.

Update the Library's contents using your file system

You can find the files for local assets in the assets subfolder within the Google Web Designer project folder on your computer. The Library panel automatically reflects changes to the files and folders within the assets subfolder.

The Library doesn't display all file types.

Use an asset from the Library

  1. Open the Library panel.
  2. Drag the asset from the Library to the stage.

You can add the same asset to the document multiple times. The Use column in the Library panel displays how many times the the asset is used.

Organize your assets in the Library

You can rename assets in the Library, group them into folders, sort them, and delete them.

Create a folder

  1. In the Library panel, click the Add folder button.
  2. Name the new folder and press Enter.

Move an asset into a folder

  1. In the Library panel, select the assets that you want to move.
  2. Drag the assets into the destination folder.

Rename an asset or folder

  1. In the Library panel, double-click the name of the asset or folder.
  2. Enter the new name and press Enter.

Asset names can't start with a space and can only include letters, numbers, spaces, dashes, and underscores.

Sort assets

You can order the list of assets in the Library according to name, usage count, type, or last modified date.

  1. If the column you want to use for sorting isn't visible, right-click any column header in the Library panel and select the new column name from the pop-up menu.
  2. Click the column you want to sort by. An arrow next to the column name indicates whether the sorting order is ascending (low to high) or descending (high to low).
  3. If you want to switch the sorting order, click the column name again.

Filter assets

If you're looking for a particular asset, enter part of its name into the Filter assets field. The Library panel lists matching assets and folders.

Delete an asset or folder

  1. In the Library panel, right-click the asset or folder.
  2. Select Delete from the pop-up menu.

Elements that referenced the deleted asset will have broken references.

Access the Studio Asset Library

Studio users can add supported creative assets from their Studio Asset Library:
  1. Open the Library panel.
  2. Change the dropdown at the top of the panel from Local to Studio.
  3. Click the Launch button.
  4. Navigate through the folder structure to the asset you want to use.
  5. Drag the asset to the stage.

Google Web Designer makes a copy of the asset, which you can find in the studio folder of the local version of your Library.

You can't make changes to your Studio Asset Library from within Google Web Designer, only use assets that already exist.

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