Repositioning the expanded page

By default, expandable ads expand down and to the right. If you want your ad to expand in a different direction, you can change the relative position of the expanded page visually.

The expanded page is part of expandable ads, or any ad that has a page marked as expanded in the page properties area.

Positioning the expanded page

Ad expansion view

The ad expansion view is a special view that lets you move the expanded view relative to the banner view of an expanded ad. This lets you create ads that expand up or to the left as well as down and to the right (the default).

In ad expansion view, a semitransparent image of the expanded ad is shown with the banner ad visible underneath. You can then drag the expanded view to the right location.

To position the expanded page relative to the banner page:

  1. Create an ad with an expandable page. This happens automatically when you choose Expandable as the ad type when you create a new ad.
  2. Navigate to the banner page using the page indicator at the bottom of the stage.
  3. Click the ad expansion view button
  4. Position the expanded view relative to the banner. You cannot drag the expanded page beyond the borders of the banner view.
  5. Click the ad expansion view button again to return to design mode.
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