Edit animations in Advanced mode

Once animations are created in the timeline, you can adjust them by editing the animated elements, by changing keyframes and spans, and by looping the animation.

Timeline enhancements

Edit an animated element

When you change an animated element's properties, a keyframe is automatically added at the playhead position if a keyframe doesn't already exist there. You can also select an existing keyframe to edit the element at that specific point in the timeline. Any preceding or following animation will adjust to start or end with the changed properties.

If you select multiple keyframes and edit the properties of the element or elements, the changes will apply at all the selected keyframes. This lets you change the position, color, or other properties at multiple points of the animation without having to make the changes repeatedly.

Change animation easing

To change the easing of an animation, right-click the easing you want to change, and select the current easing from the pop-up menu. In the Easing dialog, choose a new easing or design a custom one.

Loop an animation

  1. Click the loop icon  on the animation layer that you want to loop.
  2. In the pop-up menu, select an option:
    • Infinite - The animation will loop infinitely.
    • The number of times you want the animation to repeat.
    • None - The animation will not loop.
Note that looping a layer is different from looping animation playback. Looping a layer changes the animation, and the loop will play in the published document, while looping the animation preview does not.

Adjust keyframes and spans

Select keyframes and spans

  • Click a keyframe or animation span (the space between keyframes on the timeline) to select it. Selecting two adjacent keyframes will also select the span between them. Similarly, selecting a span automatically selects the surrounding keyframes as well.
  • Shift + click to select multiple contiguous keyframes or spans.
  • Control + click (Windows) or Command + click (Mac) to select or deselect discontiguous keyframes or spans.
  • Click and drag a rectangular selection marquee to select all the keyframes within the rectangle. Spans will only be selected if both their keyframes are included inside the marquee.
  • Control + click and drag (Windows) or Command + click and drag (Mac) a marquee to switch whether keyframes are selected or not. Keyframes inside the rectangle that aren't currently selected will be selected, while keyframes that are already selected will be deselected. Again, spans are only affected if both their keyframes are included inside the marquee.

Move keyframes and spans

Once you have selected keyframes or spans, you can move them by dragging them along the timeline to a new location.

Copy and paste a keyframe

You can copy and paste a keyframe to a different time on the same layer, to a different layer, or even to a different page or document's timeline. The pasted keyframe will retain its animated properties, but not animation easing or any motion path.

You cannot copy and paste keyframes between an AMP and a non-AMP document.

You can copy and paste a keyframe using any of the following methods:

  • Select the keyframe to copy, press Control + C (Windows) or Command + C (Mac), then click on the new position on the timeline and select the destination layer or layers. Press Control + V (Windows) or Command + V (Mac) to paste.

  • Right-click the keyframe to copy. Select Copy keyframes from the pop-up menu, then right-click on the new timeline position for the destination layer and select Paste keyframes from the pop-up menu.

  • Alt + click and drag (Windows), Option + click and drag (Mac), or Click + Alt and drag (Linux) a keyframe to duplicate it at the ending position. This method doesn't work across pages, documents, or timelines for nested animations.

If you copy and paste a keyframe into a layer that previously had no keyframes, a new keyframe will be automatically inserted at 0s along with the pasted keyframe unless you're pasting the keyframe at 0s.

If you copy and paste a keyframe onto an existing keyframe, the animated properties of the pasted keyframe will overwrite the corresponding animated properties of the existing keyframe.

Delete keyframes

To delete a keyframe, right-click (Windows) or Control + click (Mac) a keyframe, and select Remove keyframes from the pop-up menu.

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