About Layers

Besides letting you create animations, the timeline lets you see how elements are layered on the stage. In the layer view, you can lock an element, leaving it visible, but making it un-selectable and un-editable. You can also make an element invisible, which also keeps it from being selected and edited. The layer view also lets you set looping for your animation on an element by element basis.

  • To change the position of a layer in the element stack, click the layer in the timeline, and drag it to the level where you want it to be. Alternatively, you can use the layer buttons in the selection tool options bar to send layers up or down, or to the top or bottom. Changes made with the layer buttons will be reflected in the layer stack on the timeline.
  • To lock an element, click the checkbox under the lock icon on its layer. You can also drag to lock multiple layers at once.
  • To hide a layer, click the checkbox under the eye icon  on the layer that you want to hide. You can also drag to hide multiple layers at once.
  • To duplicate a layer, right-click the layer name or ID and select Duplicate layers from the pop-up menu. A copy of the element and any keyframes will appear in a new layer immediately above the original one. You can also select multiple layers for duplication using Shift + click for multiple contiguous layers, and Control + click (Windows) or Command + click (Mac) for discontiguous layers. Right-click any selected layer's name or ID and select Duplicate layers to duplicate all selected layers.

To loop an animation:

  1. Click the loop icon  on the animation layer that you want to loop.
  2. In the pop-up menu, select an option:
    • Infinite - The animation will loop infinitely.
    • The number of times you want the animation to repeat.
    • None - The animation will not loop.
Note that looping a layer is different from looping animation playback. Looping a layer changes the animation, and the loop will play in published document, while looping the animation preview does not.
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