Open source components and licenses

Included software and licenses

The following open source software is distributed and is provided under other licenses and/or has source available from other locations.

Package name License
Chromium Embedded Framework BSD Simplified license
Codemirror MIT license
GL-Matrix MIT license
Google Fonts Open source font licensing
JJV JSON Validator MIT license
jsbeautify MIT license
JSON CPP MIT license
LESS - Leaner CSS v1.3.3 Apache license 2.0
libpng libpng license
Narwhal URL Module
(for Google Web Designer versions 1.9.1 and below)
MIT license
NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) zlib/libpng license, bzip2 license, and Common Public License version 1.0
three.js MIT license
uglifyjs BSD license
Web-animations Apache license 2.0
Webfont Apache license 2.0
Zip Utils info-ZIP license, zlib license


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