Interstitial ads

Design the ad

When you create an new interstitial ad and specify a single orientation, Google Web Designer creates a single page, much like a banner ad.

When you create a new interstitial ad and specify a dual orientation, Google Web Designer creates both a primary page in portrait orientation (portraitPg1), and a secondary page in landscape orientation (landscapePg1). In addition, two page events are automatically created: one on the portrait page, and the other on the landscape page. These events detect the orientation of the device, and show the appropriately oriented page.

To set up your interstitial ad:

  1. Add images, video and other assets by dragging them into the work area, or by using image tags.
  2. Arrange your images and any other elements you want to use on the stage. 
  3. If you're creating a responsive ad, add breakpoints, then restyle each size range.
  4. Optionally create animations or bring components into your ad. Note that Google Ads supports only certain components.

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