Add HTML tags

You can add HTML tags to your documents in Design view by using the Element tool. The Element tool creates div elements by default, which then can be used as containers for other elements.

To add a tag:

  1. Click the Element tool  in the toolbar.
  2. Select the element type from the tool options bar.
    •  Add a div element.
    •  Add an img element (or amp-img for AMPHTML ads).
    •  Add a video element (or amp-video for AMPHTML ads).
    •  Add a custom element. Type the tag name in the Element field. The field autocompletes for HTML5 tags, which may not be valid tags for AMPHTML ads.
  3. Click and drag on the stage to position and size the new element.

To nest a tag within another tag:

  1. Click the Selection tool in the toolbar.
  2. Double-click the container tag. The container tag will be outlined in red, and will no longer be selectable.
  3. Create a new tag. The new tag will be a child tag of the container tag. You can double-click the new tag if you want to nest elements deeper.
  4. To return to the page level, double-click the stage outside the original container tag. Use the breadcrumb next to the page indicator  to move to a specific level within multiply nested tags.
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