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Add a shape

The shape tool lets you draw basic geometric shapes -- ovals, rectangles, and lines -- in your work area. Along with the pen tool, the shape tool creates the content within a <canvas> tag.

Images inside canvas elements, such as the graphics created with the Pen and Shape tools, can't be changed using timeline animation. The enclosing canvas tag can be animated (to move the entire tag), but the color or shape of the image in the canvas tag can't be animated.

You create a line, a rectangle, or an oval by clicking the canvas tool in the toolbar, selecting the shape type you want from the pop-up menu, and dragging the shape on the stage to the size you want.

In the tool option bar you can change the stroke and color attributes, the corner radius of rectangles, and the inner radius of ovals. After you create a shape you can select it in the work area, and modify its properties in the Properties panel.

To add a shape to your project:

  1. Click and hold the canvas tool in the toolbar. Continue holding until the shape menu pops up.
  2. Select the shape type you want to use from the pop-up menu.
  3. Optionally change the line stroke and color in the tool options panel.
  4. Click and drag on the work area to add the new shape.

Constraining the shape

Hold down the Shift key while drawing the new shape to constrain it as follows:

  • Oval - Shift + drag to constrain the shape to a circle.
  • Rectangle - Shift + drag to constrain the shape to a square.
  • Line - Shift + drag to constrain angles to 45° increments.


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