Quick mode

In Quick mode, you build your animation scene by scene: you add a new view of the entire page, change the elements that you want to animate, and, optionally, modify your transition times and easings. In Quick mode, an animation starts at one scene and ends at the next; there's no way to have individual start and end times for each element. For more complex animation, click the 'Switch to Advanced mode' icon to switch to Advanced mode.

To add animation in Quick mode:

  1. Arrange all the elements of your ad where you want them to be when the animation starts.
  2. Click the 'Add thumbnail' button  in the timeline.
  3. Change the elements that you want to animate. This can include moving and rotating elements, changing their colour, changing their size or changing any other parameter.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to add as many scenes as you like to your animation.

Previewing your animation

As you're creating your animations, you can see how they will look by clicking the Play button  at the top of the animation timeline. To loop your playback, click the 'Repeat play' button  next to the play button and then click Play. The preview will begin from the currently selected thumbnail. You can pause the preview by clicking the pause button or pressing the Enter key.

Animation playback is meant to help visualise your animation only – you cannot make edits or changes to your files while the animations are playing, and it doesn't affect your previewed or published work.

To change the transitions between scenes:

  1. Click the transition icon between the scenes.
  2. The transition editor will open.
  3. In the transition editor, you can click each section to:
    • Change transition time
    • Change easing type

To switch to Advanced mode:

Click the Advanced mode icon . Each scene will be converted into a set of keyframes that preserves your animation.

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