Change your 3D view

When you're working in 3D, it's often helpful to change your perspective on the elements you're working with. To reorient the 3D view of your project, click the 3D Stage Rotate tool , and then use your mouse to change your view. You can freely rotate the object by clicking and dragging anywhere other than the color-coded rotation handles. However, you have more control when you rotate an object one axis at a time. For example, dragging the red ring will cause the view of the stage to rotate around the global x-axis.  

Changing the view is to help visualize 3D layout only - it doesn't affect previewed or published work.
Select Front View, Top View, or Side View from the View menu to view the stage directly down the z, y, or x axes. Double-clicking the 3D Stage Rotate tool returns you to the view you've selected.
When you have the menu option View > 3D Grid enabled, the 3D view shows the grid for the plane that's nearest to parallel to your view. The grid color mirrors the color of the 3D compass. 
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