As a precautionary health measure for our Google support specialists in light of COVID-19, some support options may be unavailable or delayed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience. This message will be updated as the situation changes.

Saat ini laman yang diminta belum tersedia dalam bahasa Anda. Pilih bahasa lain di bagian bawah laman atau terjemahkan laman web ke bahasa pilihan Anda secara instan, menggunakan fitur terjemahan yang ada di Google Chrome.

Keyboard shortcuts


  Windows Mac
Create new file Ctrl+N ⌘+N
Open file Ctrl+O ⌘+O
Close Ctrl+W ⌘+W
Close all Ctrl+Shift+W ⌘+Shift+W
Save Ctrl+S ⌘+S
Save as Ctrl+Shift+S ⌘+Shift+S
Save all Ctrl+Shift+L ⌘+Shift+L
Import assets Ctrl+Shift+I ⌘+Shift+I
Quit Ctrl+Q ⌘+Q


  Windows Mac
Add image mask... Ctrl+I ⌘+I
Add gradient mask Ctrl+G ⌘+G
Break apart group Ctrl+B ⌘+B
Copy Ctrl+C ⌘+C
Create group F8 F8
Cut Ctrl+X ⌘+X
Find Ctrl+F ⌘+F
Find and replace Ctrl+Shift+F ⌘+Shift+F
Insert timeline keyframe F6 F6
Paste Ctrl+V ⌘+V
Paste special Ctrl+Shift+V ⌘+Shift+V
Redo Ctrl+Y ⌘+Shift+Z
Delete keyframe F5 F5
Select all Ctrl+A ⌘+A
Undo Ctrl+Z ⌘+Z
Wrap elements Ctrl+R ⌘+R
Swap fill and stroke X X


  Windows Mac
Hide all panels or show all panels F4 F4
Lock guides Ctrl+Alt+; ⌘+Option+;
Show guides Ctrl+; ⌘+;
Zoom in Ctrl and = ⌘ and =
Zoom out Ctrl and - ⌘ and -


  Windows Mac
Fill tool F F
Gradient tool A A
Eyedropper tool I I
Line tool L L
Motion path tool M M
Oval mask tool B B
Oval tool O O
Hand tool H H
Pen tool P P
Polygon mask tool J J
Rectangle mask tool E E
Rectangle tool R R
Rotate 3D tool W W
Rotate stage tool M M
Selection tool V V
Stroke tool K K
Element tool D D
Text tool T T
Translate 3D tool G G
Select zoom tool Z Z


  Windows Mac
Preview Ctrl+Enter ⌘+Enter
Publish Ctrl+Shift+P ⌘+Shift+P
Jump to the next open document Ctrl+Tab Ctrl+Tab
Jump to the previous open document Ctrl+Shift+Tab Ctrl+Shift+Tab
Toggle between Code view and Design view Ctrl+Shift+C ⌘+Shift+C
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