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Keyboard shortcuts

Many tools can be selected using keyboard shortcuts, as can many of the File and Edit menu commands.

General commands

  Windows Mac
Select all Control + A Command + A
Deselect all Esc Esc
Zoom in Control + Plus (+) Command + Plus (+)
Zoom out Control + Minus (-) Command + Minus (-)
Toggle animation preview Enter Enter
Preview in browser Control + Enter Command + Enter
Toggle between Code view and Design view Control + Shift + C Command + Shift + C

File menu key commands

  Windows Mac
New... Control + N Command + N
Open... Control + O Command + O
Close Control + W Command + W
Close all Control + Shift + W Command + Shift + W
Save Control + S Command + S
Save as... Control + Shift + S Command + Shift + S
Save all Control + Shift + L Command + Shift + L
Import assets... Control + Shift + I Command + Shift + I
Quit Control + Q Command + Q

Edit menu key commands

  Windows Mac
Undo Control + Z Command + Z
Redo Control + Y Command + Shift + Z
Cut Control + X Command + X
Copy Control + C Command + C
Paste Control + V Command + V
Paste special Control + Shift + V Command + Shift + V
Find Control + F Command + F
Find/Replace Control + Shift + F Command + Shift + F
Create group… F8 F8
Wrap Control + R Command + R
Break apart Control + B Command + B
Timeline > Add keyframe F6 F6
Timeline > Remove keyframe F5 F5

Tool selection key commands

  Windows Mac
Selection tool V V
3D object rotate tool W W
3D object translate tool G G
Element tool D D
Pen tool P P
Rectangle tool R R
Oval tool O O
Line tool L L
Text tool T T
Fill tool F F
Stroke tool K K
Gradient tool A A
3D stage rotate tool M M
Hand tool H H
Zoom tool Z Z

Text tool option key commands

  Windows Mac
Bold Control + B Command + B
Italic Control + I Command + I
Underline Control + U Command + U
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