Keyboard shortcuts


  Windows Mac
Create new file Ctrl+N ⌘+N
Open file Ctrl+O ⌘+O
Close Ctrl+W ⌘+W
Close all Ctrl+Shift+W ⌘+Shift+W
Save Ctrl+S ⌘+S
Save as Ctrl+Shift+S ⌘+Shift+S
Save all Ctrl+Shift+L ⌘+Shift+L
Import assets Ctrl+Shift+I ⌘+Shift+I
Quit Ctrl+Q ⌘+Q


  Windows Mac
Add image mask... Ctrl+I ⌘+I
Add gradient mask Ctrl+G ⌘+G
Break apart group Ctrl+B ⌘+B
Copy Ctrl+C ⌘+C
Create group F8 F8
Cut Ctrl+X ⌘+X
Find Ctrl+F ⌘+F
Find and replace Ctrl+Shift+F ⌘+Shift+F
Insert timeline keyframe F6 F6
Paste Ctrl+V ⌘+V
Paste special Ctrl+Shift+V ⌘+Shift+V
Redo Ctrl+Y ⌘+Shift+Z
Remove keyframe F5 F5
Select all Ctrl+A ⌘+A
Undo Ctrl+Z ⌘+Z
Wrap elements Ctrl+R ⌘+R
Swap fill and stroke X X


  Windows Mac
Hide all panels or show all panels F4 F4
Lock guides Ctrl+Alt+; ⌘+Option+;
Show guides Ctrl+; ⌘+;
Zoom in Ctrl and = ⌘ and =
Zoom out Ctrl and - ⌘ and -


  Windows Mac
Fill tool F F
Gradient tool A A
Eyedropper tool I I
Line tool L L
Motion path tool M M
Oval mask tool B B
Oval tool O O
Hand tool H H
Pen tool P P
Polygon mask tool J J
Rectangle mask tool E E
Rectangle tool R R
Rotate 3D tool W W
Rotate stage tool M M
Selection tool V V
Stroke tool K K
Element tool D D
Text tool T T
Translate 3D tool G G
Select zoom tool Z Z


  Windows Mac
Preview Ctrl+Enter ⌘+Enter
Publish Ctrl+Shift+P ⌘+Shift+P
Jump to the next open document Ctrl+Tab Ctrl+Tab
Jump to the previous open document Ctrl+Shift+Tab Ctrl+Shift+Tab
Toggle between Code view and Design view Ctrl+Shift+C ⌘+Shift+C
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