About snapping

Snapping lets you easily align objects with each other when moving, resizing, or drawing an object. As the selected object nears a snap target, it automatically jumps to that point.

Toggle whether snapping is active by selecting View > Snap in the top menu.

To control the distance at which snapping triggers, set the Threshold in your preferences.

Snapping modes

Customize what triggers snapping by enabling the snapping modes listed below. You can toggle snapping modes in the preferences dialog (Edit > Preferences... > Design view) or in the View > Snap to menu.

Parents and siblings only

Enable this option if you want only sibling elements and the parent element to trigger snapping. Otherwise, you'll snap to any visible objects on the stage.

If you have nested elements, it may be helpful to use the Outliner panel to see which elements are sibling elements.


When the 3D grid is visible, position the selected object along a grid line or centered around a grid line.


Position the selected object directly against the edge, corner, or centerpoint of another object.


Align the selected object so that it's lined up with the edges or centerpoint of another object.


When ruler guides are visible, position the selected object along a guide or centered around a guide.

Equal size

Size the selected object so that it's the same width or height as another object.

Equal spacing

Position the selected object so that it and two other objects are spaced the same distance from each other. The three objects must be positioned so that a single vertical or horizontal line can pass through them all, but they don't overlap.

Snapping for multiple selected objects

If you select more than one object, the selection boundary box will be treated as the object to snap.

Snapping in 3D space

Support for snapping in three-dimensional space depends on the snapping mode.

  • Works with 3D objects (while holding the Control key)
    • Objects
  • Works with objects on the same plane as the parent element (no relative z-translation or z-rotation)
    • Grid
    • Alignment
    • Equal size
    • Equal spacing
  • Works only when the parent element is on the same plane as the stage (no z-translation or z-rotation)
    • Rulers
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