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Updated: This week
I can't unlock my Michael Kors Smartwatch , I know my password. Typing password several times and it's not working , I don't want to reset my password.
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Assistant Google does not want to send messages to my mother. Hi, when I ask the google assistant to send a message to my mother with whatsapp(In italian: Manda u…
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Setup outlook calendar I want to see my outlook calendar on my watch disable long press crown The crown fires off google assistant constantly. I would like to find a way to mitigate this. Sensit…
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Google assistant on watch won’t control home devices. Google assistant only searches the web. Google assistant on my watch only searches the internet. I’ve tried the suggestions I’ve found about…
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Google assisatant not working on wear after latest Google search beta update. Google assistant request on wear to send messages ends with an open on phone prompt after latest Goo…
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Google assistant won't make calls or text message from watch. I get an error message that says "something went wrong" I already fa factory reset watch, and uninstalled and reinstalled wear os app. No help. Voice assistant cannot send SMS/Whatsapp messages or make calls. Gets stuck on Turn On screen Voice commands via Assistant to send whatsapp messages or SMS or calls don't work. Gets stuck at Ass…
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Google Assistant Voice Response not working on Fossil Gen 5 I just got a Fossil Gen 5 watch. Google assistant does not "answer" with voice to my commands. For e… reminders not working on watch Everything is up to date on Fossil Sport and Note 8. If I use Google Assistant on phone or watch or …
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Google Assistant Latinoamerica Spanish Hello, thanks for watching this post. With the pleasure of greeting you, I take this means to commen…
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My watch not connecting to my note 10 plus To connect the watch but the bluetooth not finding the watch and all so the watch not fining the pho…
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