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Heart points Pilates vs yoga I am noticing that I get way more heart points for Pilates than Yoga. For example, today I started w…
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How do I get apps back on my SONY SWR50? I was forced to do a factory reset on my Sony SWR50 recently. Google fit has reverted back to an old…
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Issue with latest messages and wear OS Messages received a play store update yesterday, this takes it up to 6.3.053. Earlier this month I p…
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Find out who is lurking in my phone, my passwords keep changing, how to lock them out for good. I've tried everything, to keep spmeone out of my gmail account, I dont know what I should do can any… TicWatch 4G LTE Google play error/won't open I bought this TicWatch SPECIFICALLY because it was indicated on the WearOS website that it is compat…
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Wear OS Outlook app stuck on "installing" Notifications for outlook are not working on my Fossil Carlyle 5 Watch no matter what I try, so I am…
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I have a new Pixel 4 and now I cannot install outlook on my Fossil Gen 5. I have uninstalled Outlook from my Pixel phone then re-installed it. I received a notification on We…
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Does Google Maps location sharing feature work on Wear OS smartwatches over LTE without smartphone? I need to be able to have my father use an LTE wear OS phone (eg the new oppo being launched) withou…
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How can I reconnect my zen watch2 with my phone. I accidentally click on reset. On my watch screen displays " IN ANDROID WEAR, CONNECT TO THIS WATCH NAME: ASUS ZENWATCH2 818D" but … Apps not syncing on Sony smartwatch 3 I recently purchased a new phone and wanted to connect my Sony Smartwatch 3 running Wear OS 1.5.0 to…
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