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How do I show daily numeric step totals on Google Fit (not chart) I have a wellness program for work that requires me to enter daily step totals as numbers (e.g. 10,7… Repeating email notifications Whenever I get an email, I use the Gmail app, the notification keeps popping up on my Ticwatch E lik…
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Android wear app says connected, notifications come, but watch says disconnected, cant get internet I am having some issue with Android Wear and my Huawei Watch. I am unsure when it started. I first n…
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My mobile device is lockd Location track for emi number Device manager 100 % lock All data clear Lock my mobile device
0 Recommended Answers 3 Replies 11 Upvotes
Are there known issues with notifications from Outlook behind an Intune Company Portal? I have a new TicWatch E running Web OS 1.5. I am getting almost all notifications from my Pixel (And…
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There is a Nigerian hacker on Facebook, called Josephine Williams. Facebook admin control this hack I want this hacker bod removed My daughter bought a wear os watch but the app won't allow her to install it since it's a kids acc. I can't install the app on my daughters phone because the "app isn't available for kids" and I can't… LG Watch Sport switches off randomly My watch switches off randomly and the only way to restart it is to put it on the charging device an… make/receive bluetooth calls does not work with new wear OS, Huawei Watch 2 4G Leo DLXX hi, i can't make a call with my huawei Watch 2 4G LDXX while it is Bluetooth connected with my phone… Q venture gen 4 frozen. Tried holding middle button in to restart, doesn't work. Touch screen unresponsive, buttons do nothing. Diesel on watch faces app installation issue. I'm using Diesel DZT 2005 smartwatch and Google Pixel 2 XL Mobile. I have tried downloading Diesel o…
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How do I disable agenda/calendar notifications. I'm trying to stop the calendar appointment notification I get on my watch which is 30 mins before a…
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Delayed Phone Call Notifications Phone: Pixel XL Watch: LG Watch Style Issue: Missing phone calls due to delayed notifications on wat… Can I flip the screen on fossil q explorist so I can wear on other wrist? Looked through settings No longer receiving text notifications on my smart watch LG Urbane stopped getting text notifications. I've reset both devices, uninstalled and reinstalled a… Sofie MK smartwatch touchscreen has become unresponsive Sofie Smart Watch. I received this watch as a replacement for my Bradshaw as after a security patch …
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