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How to track sleep, measure SpO2, track drinking water and sedentary alert in Wear OS Fossil Sport? I am not able to track sleep activity and SpO2 reading's even the low level smartwatches has these f…
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New Gboard app arrives on Wear OS Our latest update will change the way you communicate with your Wear OS by Google watch! Gboard, the…
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How do you download The SmartDrive MX2 app cannot make contact with Google on my tic watch Trying to download SmartDrive MX2 and PushTracker
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Pairing failure with Samsung Galaxy S7 I have just received a Samsung Galaxy S7 telephone, I have tried to connect my google watch to the S… new phone connection issue Got a new phone yesterday. My watch has the phone saved as a device on the watch and my phone has it…
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Artificial increased loudness during initial ~3 seconds of audio recordings: how to avoid this? When recording audio with current/recent wear OS smartwatches (I tried suunto 7 and tickwatch c2+), … Is it possible to make it easier to activate touch lock on wear os, like in the drop down menu or? Searched the web for information, but no luck. Would like to have easy access to touch lock, either … WearOs: continuos heart rate monitor supported? Hi all. I have enabled the activity monitoring in my Ticwatch c2 plus, but i cannot figure out why m… Why won’t my iPhone XR stay connected to my phone, it disconnects and says that it can’t reconnect. I connected my phone once in January when I bought it and now it keeps saying that it’s disconnected…
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Wear OS Watch not tracking heart points Since last 2-3 days, my Wear Os watch is not tracking any heart point at all! There was a software u…
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