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Convince me not to give up on Wear OS I've had a Fossil Sport G4 for a week now and either I return it or pull all my hair out. Basically …
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"We couldn't copy your accounts" I just purchased an LG Watch Style and upgraded it to Wear 2.0. I've gone through the setup on my ph… How do i stop an alarm on my phone also going off on my watch? Now having to use the default clock and alarms on Pixel 2 XL running Android 10 since the update to …
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fossil gen 5, cant find custom battery settings Its advertised everywhere that theres custom battery mode where I can toggle on/off features I want …
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Can't read text messages I am receiving the notification of a text but I can't open the message. How can I use the default me… How do i stop my wear os from losing connection more than twice a day? I have to keep factory reset I keep losing bluetooth connection and I have to constantly keep factory resting wear os and setting…
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Why won't my smartwatch stay connected when closing the Wear OS app? My Michael Kors smartwatch (Bradshaw model) used to stay connected to my phone (OnePlus 5t) - withou… Notification Preview not working as expected I have Notification Previews to Off on the watch (Fossil Explorer Gen 3) under Settings | Apps
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My Wear OS app has used 40GB of data in 20 days and i havent even had it connected!! Yes, 40GB!! Turned off all data background usage and deleted the app but that doesn't help my $1300 bill over a …
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How do I keep my watch connected to my iPhone when I am traveling by air and it disconnects? I keep on having to completely reset my watch to factory defaults, because I can’t seem to get it re…
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