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Says connect watch info on Huawei gt2 but hangs at about 15%. Done reset etc. No luck. Reset watch. Cleared wear os and Google play cache. Forget device in settings. Still hangs
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My fossil sport gen 4 switches off even before the battery drains out to 30% Fossil sport 360 gen 4 shuts down even before the battery level falls below 30%
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can't connect xiaomi watch to wear os. stuck at 10%. I have tried every step published or posted I tried everything published but all posts are out of date. deleted everything, cleaned caches, got …
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My Fossil Smartwatch does not connect to WEAR OS on new Iphone 12, have reset both # of times. Deleted and reinstalled Wear OS app, reset watch to factory settings.
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How can i connect my Movado watch? Hangs 2/3rds way thru setup never finishes. All suggestions on help forums have been tried. Any other suggestions appreciated.
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Google pay on phone available in Ireland but pay on wear os not available. How does this make sense? As said, Google pay is available in Ireland for mobile and has been for a number of years. Recently … Is wear os compatible with iOS 14? I’ve just bought the new iPhone 12 mini, stupidly not thinking that there would be an issue with pai…
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I recently got iPhone 12 and my Suunto 7 watch won’t connect to Google Wear OS or the Sunnto App I’m trying to sync my Suunto watch to iPhone 12 for data upload to Strava - Wear OS won’t connect an…
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How do I change background image on my watch Dial (FOSSIL GEN5) I don't know what's wrong with this app, whenever I try to connect my Fossil Gen 5 with fb and Insta…
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Cant copy google account to watch The two google accounts I use dont work when attempting to copy them to my Suunto 7 watch using Wear…
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