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Updated: This month
Dictating orders to Google assistant doesn't work anymore on my fossil gen 4 Explorist HR I was trying to dictate a order, that was "Manda mensaje a Manuel Valdivieso" (take in consideration…
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Setup outlook calendar I want to see my outlook calendar on my watch Google assistant on watch won’t control home devices. Google assistant only searches the web. Google assistant on my watch only searches the internet. I’ve tried the suggestions I’ve found about…
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disable long press crown The crown fires off google assistant constantly. I would like to find a way to mitigate this. Sensit…
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Google Assistant Routines not being recognized by WearOS Watch: Huawei Watch 2 Sport I have a custom Routine set up in my Google Assistant to enable my Nest …
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How do I acknowledge and then clear Google Assistant notifications on my Wear OS watch? Acknowledge and then clear Google Assistant notifications? I receive (for example) a notification fr… Google assistant won't make calls or text message from watch. I get an error message that says "something went wrong" I already fa factory reset watch, and uninstalled and reinstalled wear os app. No help. When I try to send messages, Google Assistant responds like I am talking to it and not messaging When I try to send a message, my phone immediately sends me to voice-to-text (I get no option for a …
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I recently got a fossil gen 5 but the assistant does not do home functions I got a new fossil gen5 watch and the assistant on it only shows web results and does not do any hom…
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Notes taken on fossil 5 don't show up in keep, the default note app for the assistant on Note 10. The watch thinks it's actually taken a note. There are no error messages. Watch successfully gets no…
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Google Assistant won't send text and just says "oops can you say that again?" I have an issue where my Google Assistant will not send a text and just says "oops can you say that …
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Lost my phone Galaxy J7 Next 
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Google assistant weather and agenda missing I currently have the fossil gen 5 smart watch and have been recently experiencing a bug where on the…
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