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Android wear app says connected, notifications come, but watch says disconnected, cant get internet I am having some issue with Android Wear and my Huawei Watch. I am unsure when it started. I first n…
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Huawei Watch 2 will not complete Wear OS setup, freezing during 'Getting your watch details... stage I am trying to setup a new Huawei Watch 2 on an Elephone P8 mini. I have tried clearing the Google, …
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the screen is frozen in michael kors access My michael Kors access watch is not working after the software update that made me do. Whenever I ch…
0 Recommended Answers 10 Replies 34 Upvotes
wearos watch lost pairing with my andorid phone Samsung A7 Hi, I have this problem, when the bluetooth loses the signal or turns off and then reactivates, some…
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My mobile device is lockd Location track for emi number Device manager 100 % lock All data clear Lock my mobile device
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ticwatch is connected both to the wifi and bluetoth on my phone But the assistant says no connection So I bought a Ticwatch E2 the other day and it seemed to kinda work at first, but then my Google Ass…
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Wear os stay bocked when try connect When y try a first connexion between m'y ticwatch ans my htc U11 life the app stay blocked at the co…
0 Recommended Answers 6 Replies 2 Upvotes
Connecting wear os to Dexcom G6 medical device I have downloaded the software for Dexcom G6 and completed all the heath and permissions to get bloo…
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Can't talk or hear over my watch during a call. I can answer calls on my watch then must find my phone an use that to actually communicate. I can't …
0 Recommended Answers 80 Replies 410 Upvotes
Can the Google Fit Link to FitBit? I wear my FitBit Charge to workout only. But would like to sync Sync FitBit tracker to Google Fit Cannot open messages app, says it needs permissions but it already has permissions When I try to open the messages app it says it needs permissions in order to function, but it alread… Setup outlook calendar I want to see my outlook calendar on my watch Who is creating Wear OS watches these days? I really enjoyed the Huawei Watch 1 I have had. I've looked at getting a newer version for active we… How to access settings on android wear I am trying to fix a Michael Kors Access which doesn't allow me to access settings at all. When tryi…
0 Recommended Answers 4 Replies 0 Upvotes
Fossil Sport Gen 4 with Wear OS 2.1 gets stuck in battery saver mode If I manually put my watch into battery saver around when the battery is above 60%, then try to turn… How to snap the smartwatch cover back? I have a Runaway and the back cover came off & won’t stay on. I want to snap it back. I went to a watch repair place, they told me to bring it to Michael Kors. I … Fit app heart rate I’ve got a Fossil Explorist Gen 4. On the watch it is happily collecting heart rate data, but in the…
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Is it possible to customise the watch faces In apple watch you can add in features to some watch faces (like add in date or battery condition) -… Messages App on WearOS with pawprint icon, not able to set permissions. I just bought a new WearOS watch (Fossil Venture HR Gen 4) and I installed the Google Messages on it… Wear OS on Amazon Fire will not start I have an Amazon Fire HD 10 (2017) with Google Play installed, and a new Fossil Sport watch. I insta…
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