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Hi Am not getting WhatsApp notification on my watch desiel on ,,, am using iphone Yes I tried so far
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I can’t pair my Michael Kors watch to my iPhone, even after multiple updates. Help! Updated my iOS multiple times
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La hotword Ok Google non funziona più sul mio Huawei Watch 2 professionistaprofprofessionis
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I do not receive text messages notifications from my Iphone on my Fossil q watch. I know I cannot respond to texts but I should be able to see them. I have tried everything I can fin…
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My touchscreen on my watch isn't working. My touchscreen isn't working, I was thinking I could turn off and turn back on but I can't get to th…
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Google fit crashes or freezes at startup Hi, I have a Samsung S8 and a Polar M600 watch. Polar Flow, MapMyfitness, Myfitnesspal and host of o…
Wear OS by Google: Health and help are just a swipe away As you go about your busy day, every minute matters. We’re evolving the design of Wear OS by Google …
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TTS and WearOS I'm desperately chasing the following information: Is TTS supported by WearOS ? If it's supported: I…
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Am I able to text with assistant without tapping the screen? Hi, recent switcher to the Wear OS platform. I've set up my device, and activated the various settin…
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How do unlocked with my voice match New feature
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how listen music (on my phone not google play music ) on my fossil watch ? I want listen msic on my watch but i can't take my own music on my phone to my watch
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[Huawei Watch 2] No Google Fit watchfaces on Android Wear App I bought a new Huawei Watch 2 in Nov 2017 running Android 2.0, and installed the Android wear app on… What app to download for q118 smartwatch What app do o have to have not phone to work my watch
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Fossil Q wander watch won’t connect to my google accounts on my iPhone 8 Plus I’m trying to connect my google assistant on my smart watch to my iPhone and it’s just not happening…
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Not getting texts on fossil q venture I have paired the fossil q venture with my samsung note 8 and receive notifications for everything e…
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