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watch parts on designer that are gifs no longer work add watch face gifs
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How to play songs nd it is getting connecting to my wifi My watch is not connecting to my wifi
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Android Wear shows the following error: "Couldn't copy your accounts". This issue appears to be different than previous account syncing bugs I've identified in this forum.… I get all my notifications on my watch EXCEPT for my Text Messages and E-mails from Blackberry Hub I have a Blackberry Motion running Android 7.1.2 and two watches, a Moto 360 running Android Wear 1.…
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Can't talk or hear over my watch during a call. I can answer calls on my watch then must find my phone an use that to actually communicate. I can't …
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لاتعمل الساعة بالشكل المطلوب مع نضام الايفون The clock does not work properly with the iPhone
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The app won't download because of compatibility The app won't download
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pair with ios and android i have a Huawei Watch 2 this is currently paired with a iPhone 5s but this weekend i am getting a Mo… japanese version can change to japanese? Moto 360 Battery drain, fix or trash? Battery drain on Moto 360 sport is terrible. Have factory reset, only installed stock pre loaded app…
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My LG G Watch isn't counting my steps My g watch isn't counting my steps anymore. After resetting my watch it counts my steps for about a …
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my smartwatch name (DIGGRO DI05) is not seen on android wear during setup done factory reset of my smartwatch, then uninstall I'm unable to use the keyboard. It just gives me the option to speak n text. Can anyone help? Keyboard help
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Saying "Ok Google" to my watch actives my phone instead yesterday, I got my new Wear OS device in. I've been a heavy user of "Ok, Google" as well without an…
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Inconsistent: can't hear phone calls when answering on phone as watch is connected as phone speaker Huawei Watch 2 Classic/Pixel 2 When my watch is enabled to "Play phone voice call on watch", almost … Misfit vapor unable to received incoming call notifications on my watch. How to fix it. Receiving other notifications except incoming call.
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Bradshaw 0984 I love you my mother
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