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Cannot add my google account to my watch - occurred after the 2.0 update 0 Recommended Answers 47 Replies 36 Me Too's
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My watch is new (ordered Aug 18) and was working fine until the 2.0 update (I'm assuming). I cannot get my google account on my watch.
When I go to accounts - add google account, I'm asked to add a google account to my watch and in order to do that, I have to copy an account from my phone. Thus lies the problem. When I tap add (account) from phone, the colorful circle turns and turns and never finds my google account. The error on my phone is "account not available at this time." I've restarted both phone and watch, reset the watch more times than I'd like to remember, disconnected the watch, unpaired the Bluetooth, uninstalled android wear, cleared cache and data, taken down all security, and even tried turning off WiFi. This issue has not been resolved for 2.5 weeks.
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I suggest you Factory Data Reset the watch.

let us know

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This was a known bug that was supposed to have been fixed.  Try Frank's suggestion, but if your problem persists let us know.
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I have the exact same problem and have reset the watch countless times. As a first time AW user, this is beyond frustrating and not the best for roping in new people.
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Agreed.  This is definitely a big issue.  You can try the following steps, but there is no guarantee that it will help.

On the watch:
Settings, Unpair with phone. 
Do not set up the watch yet.

On the phone:
In Android Wear use the Disconnect... option.
In Android Wear, use Settings, Device settings and touch the watch name, Touch FORGET WATCH.
Settings, Bluetooth. If you still see the watch, touch Forget... the watch so it no longer appears in the list of paired devices.
Settings, Device, Apps, select Google Play Services. Clear cache and Clear data. Uninstall updates.
Settings, Device, Apps, select Google App. Clear cache and Clear data. Also Uninstall updates.
Settings, Device, Apps, select Android Wear. Clear cache and Clear data. Also Uninstall updates.
Play Store, Apps, My apps, touch the Update all button. 

Let all updates complete. This may take several hours. The best thing to do is to put your phone on its charger overnight, with the phone having a steady WiFi Internet connection. Double check the next morning by going to My Apps again.

Now set up the watch as if you had just unboxed it.
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Having the exact same problem, I did some testing. My wife has the exact same phone (LG_G5). We sync our Google accounts so our calendars match. That being said I was able to add my Google account to my watch from her phone perfectly but not from my phone. The ONLY difference between our phones is that mine is rooted and hers is not. Is yours?
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Do not factory reset, do not forget watch, do not clear data or anything else because it won't help. After digging, the only thing fixes this is adding the developer menu to the watch then enable ADB debugging. To add developer menu - settings, about, tap build number 7 times. Then go back out to find the developer menu. I can only speak for the Asus Zenwatch 2, 1.63.
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Be sure that your watch is connected to the same WiFi network that your phone before you try to add a Google account
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I tried doing all the above. nothing works. I feel like the watch is A dummy without google store.
What else can I do?
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In my particular case, I've never even been interested in how to root the phone. I do not even install the application facilities outside of Google play. Google play is the only store of applications that I have installed on my phone. I do not even have games installed on my phone because it is a very important tool to put at risk.
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