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Hi everyone,

If you having the issue of not being able to sync your Google Account, reboot your watch (Settings -> System -> Restart) and phone and try to sync your Google account again (On watch go to Settings -> Personalization ->  Accounts Add Google Account, then follow instructions on your phone). 
There was a fix released early August but it seems some of you having issues still. 

If it is still not working, please reply in the thread as we believe that the issue is fixed and many of you are reporting that it is now working, so we will have to get more information to see if we still have an issue.

Ernest on behalf of Android Wear team
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To All Users...  After an update occurs, its important to go through your resets on your phone and on your watch.

Additionally, get to know the behavior of your setup.  In many cases, its as simple as checking the BT Connectivity, not only the BT communications, but the Android Wear App. connection as well.  (ie.  Although BT is on... Check to see if the Wear App shows that watch being connected).

What I have found in some cases is to turn off BT, make sure the Wear App shows disconnected from the watch, go through a Re-Start on both devices *(Allow enough time for both devices to come back up... I give both about 2 minutes because Operating Systems need time to load, which are not always completed because you see your home screen), I then goto the Wear App and Select to connect my watch...
What should occur is a quick pop-up saying you need to turn BT on, press Ok, then give it 30 seconds.  If all goes well, then move forward working on the App Issues (ie. Google Accounts, etc)

In some rare instances, I've had to un-install/re-install the Wear App. which is a minimal step in comparison to what your being advised to do (tech support these days lack proper instructions), but should be considered a step before performing any major re-up.

If there is a major problem across the board, the Google Group is watching/listening and can easily determine if its a programming issue across the board on their side, and hopefully make a revision release to solve the problem quickly.

Everyone needs to get familiar with the levels of communications on their devices and the steps to perform when/if an update causes an issue.  Yes, sometimes its a hassle, but remember that your talking about one OS (Operating System - Android Wear) that has to suite a vast of hardware platforms.  Not necessarily will all companies comply across the board with insuring their devices (watches) OS's are %100 compatible, but then again, you have to separate development groups to consider... Google Wear, and the Hardware Company of your specific Watch.  That's Alot of compatibility to keep track of.

There's another level of where issues stem from, and that's the vast amount of 3rd Party Apps, and trust me, not all Dev's are created equal.  Programming techniques and experiences vary in a big way.  WhatsApp is a prime example of compatibility issues.

Personally, I don't load (nor need) a 3rd Party App to read/respond to messaging.  I let the phone and the watch work at the core levels at which they were designed to do.  It may not be the fanciest, but I don't have any of the troubles that so many in this forum are having.

Now, there are those with backward compatibility issues, which is where company Dev's (of the watch) need to step up and make necessary fixes.  But then again, by not stepping up they force potential new purchases?

Back to the Basics....  Learn the basics steps of insuring communications are working before doing any major re-up of either device.  The more App's you have loaded, the more convoluted the problem may become to solve.  (ie. is your phone rooted, are you running specific apps to control BT communications, etc.)

Its been proven several times through reading multiple BBS forums that those who have the simplest of setups are able to solve their problems, nor have many to start with.

Finally, though it takes time...  Read other posts in this forum.  Yes its time staking, but you may find the solutions your looking for.  Posting a complaint isn't always going to give you the simplest way out, so you have to invest some time, as there maybe someone who's already spent that time and found the solutions that can help you.
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(copying the question from this thread https://support.google.com/androidwear/thread/20772 following the recommendation of Kevin Kindler)

Good day! Recently I've bought Huawei Watch 2 (Android Wear 2) and now I'm experiencing the following problem (on smartphone Redmi Note 4 Pro, Android 6). Android Wear app doesn't display the list of smartphone accounts to copy to my watch, only keeps spinning the loading circle. After a while, the short message "Accounts not availbale at this moment" appears. Tried lots of different tips across the Internet (as it turned out, not only me suffers from this trouble), but suddenly no luck. Unfortunately, this keeps me away from experiencing full capabilities of my watch, because Google Play, Android Pay, Assistant etc. refuse to work without Google acccount.
So far I've tried several times to factory reset watch, clean and reinstall Google applications on my phone,  remove Google account and add it again, add dummy account and remove it, turn off internet connection, turn it on only using mobile network, turn it on in the same local network for smartphone and watch.
What should do? I'd very appreciate any help.
Thanks in advance!
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I'm sorry nothing is working. I have resetc my watch so many times. Is there any other theory or way 5 hat I could try. I have a fossil q wander
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Hello, I have a WEAR24 and PIXEL 2XL pairing, the account can not be copied to WEAR 24, PIXEL 2XL ANDORID 8.1 for the latest, WEAR 24 android wear 2.0, the other WEAR24 can be upgraded to the latest?
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