Use Google Maps on your Wear OS device

When you download the Google Maps app from the Play Store, you can use navigation, find local destinations or your location, and get other useful info on your watch.
This only applies to Wear 3 and some features may be different depending on your smartwatch's version. Learn how to check your watch's version.
  • To use navigation, you must allow location tracking on your phone and smartwatch.
  • Power-saving mode can interfere with Maps.
  • Some voice actions aren’t available in all languages and countries or regions.
  • Maps on your Wear device uses the distance unit that's on your paired phone.

Explore the map

You can also use Maps to find out more about the areas nearby.

Get directions on your watch

Important: These steps only apply to Wear 3. For watches with Wear 2, you can only use turn-by-turn directions in the Google Maps app on the paired phone.
To get directions on your watch, you can start navigation on your watch or on your paired phone. The route appears on your phone, and as you go, you get directions for every turn on your watch. Maps currently supports navigation for cycling, driving and walking. Public transportation directions are supported without turn-by-turn voice and haptics.
Tip: When you allow location on your phone, navigation works on your watch even when your phone is locked. Learn how to allow location on your phone.

Search for locations

  1. If you can't see your watch screen, wake up the watch.
  2. Swipe up to find your apps and open the Maps app.
  3. To select from your home, work or recent locations, tap Search.

Get directions with your voice

  1. To start Google Assistant, say 'Hey Google' or press and hold the power button.
    • You can also tap the microphone Microphone or the keyboard to search for something new.
  2. Say something like 'Navigate to a coffee shop nearby'. A Google Maps card shows up on your watch.
Tip: If you don't find the destination that you want, you might need to choose a more specific one.

After you start navigation, you can:

  • Find your trip duration and the current time.
  • Find the next three directions.
  • Cancel your trip: To stop directions and go back to the home screen, on your watch, swipe left or swipe to the bottom and tap Stop.

Use your watch without your phone nearby

You can start navigation on your watch without your phone nearby. You can also enable mirroring and start navigation on your phone and then leave your phone behind. When you enable mirroring, your watch will take over navigation from your phone. This only works on watches paired with Android devices.

To start navigation from your watch:

  1. Open Maps from your watch.
  2. Use the voice or keyboard tool to input your destination. You can also tap the map to view your location.
  3. Select your mode of transportation. From here, you can view your ETA.
  4. Start your walk, bicycle, car or public transport trip.

Set up mirroring on your phone and watch

  1. To mirror your navigation session on both phone and watch, go to Settings Settings and then Mirroring.
  2. Turn on Mirror on the phone.

Tip: For watch-based navigation only, turn off Mirror on the phone.

Manage settings for Maps on your watch

You can tap Search Search to scroll to the bottom of the screen and change how Maps on your watch works.

Stop vibrations

To stop vibrations, on your watch, scroll to the bottom and turn Vibrations off. This setting is remembered for all your trips.

Stop auto-launch of directions on your watch

Directions automatically start on your watch when you start navigation in Google Maps on your phone. You can stop auto-launch of directions on your watch.
  1. On your watch, open the Maps app.
  2. Tap Search.
  3. Swipe up until you reach the bottom of the screen.
  4. Tap Settings and then Mirroring.
  5. To stop navigation prompts while you drive, cycle and walk, turn Driving, Cycling and Walking off.

Find your location

When you open Maps on your watch, you can find your location as the blue dot and a compass needle that points north. To turn the compass on or off, tap the red compass indicator.

Use Search to find places

To open the search menu and find businesses, tap Search Search. To start a search, or find the phone number or address of a nearby business, you can use the keyboard and microphone. Learn how to find places with Google Maps.

Pan and zoom on the map

  • To pan the map, use your finger to move the map around. To return the map to your current location, tap Location .
  • To zoom on the map, rotate the button at the top of your watch:
    • To zoom out, use a one-finger double-tap and drag-up gesture.
    • To zoom in, use a one-finger double-tap and drag-down gesture.

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