Get stuff done with reminders, alarms, notes & more

You can use apps or tell your watch to do things like take notes, set timers for later, and check your calendar.

Get stuff done with your voice or from an app

Learn how to check your watch’s version.

Speak to get things done

You can ask your watch for help with everyday tasks.

Google Assistant on Wear OS by Google

To open the Google Assistant on your watch, press and hold the power button. After you see "Hi, what can I help you with?" you can ask your question.

"Ok Google" on all other watches

To start a voice command, tap the screen to wake up your watch. When you see the microphone, say, "Ok Google" followed by your request.

Get things done with the app

If you aren’t able to speak, you can also open an app to complete your task instead.

Wear OS by Google

To see a list of apps on your watch, press the power button once.

All other watches

To see a list of apps on your watch, wake up your watch and swipe left.

Set reminders, alarms, and timers

Set and use reminders

You can set reminders to do something at a certain time or location that will sync with the Google app.

  • To set a reminder using your voice: When your watch is ready for voice commands, say "Remind me to..." followed by your task with a time or location. You can include the exact or approximate time or location you want the reminder to go off.
  • To set a reminder using the app: On your watch, open your list of apps and tap Reminders Create reminder.

Mark a reminder as done and archive

  1. From your watch’s apps, tap Reminders Create reminder.
  2. Find the reminder you want to mark done.
  3. Swipe the reminder left or right, or tap it and tap Done Done.

If you mark the reminder as done, you'll archive it.

Take notes

Take or view a note

You can speak to your watch to create a note or view existing notes using apps like Google Keep. You can also view and edit lists in Google Keep.

  • To take a note using your voice: Say "Take a note" followed by the note you want to keep.
  • To take notes on your watch: Open the Play Store and download the Keep app Google Keep. Learn how to get apps on your watch.

Check your calendar

Check your schedule

Your upcoming events will show up automatically in the Agenda app. You can also speak to your watch or use the onscreen menu to pull up your calendar.

  • To check your schedule using your voice: When your watch is ready for voice commands, say "What does my day look like tomorrow?" or "When's my next meeting?"
  • To check your schedule using the app: From your list of apps, tap Agenda Agenda.

Take a photo with Google Camera

You can take pictures with Google Camera using your watch as a remote control.

Note: This feature is not available on iPhones.

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