Manage ads

When running several ads (=creatives & CTAs) in one account, the ad name can be used to identify each ad, for example: "Sharon’s Burger Christmas deals" and "Sharon’s Burger simple logo".

Ads cannot be disabled or deleted. To stop using an ad, simply create a new one and connect it to your desired campaign. You can also refresh an existing ad with new creatives. 

To learn how ads, campaigns and locations are connecte, click here.

Tips and important info:
  • Make sure your images look good by clicking the expand button  in the Ad Previews section.
  • Images containing representations of alcohol, smoking, drugs, weapons, violence, gambling, politics, sex and pornography will not be approved. Pin Icon images containing human faces are forbidden as well.
  • Uploaded images are sent to our team for approval. This process takes up to 24 hours.