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In Waze Local, each ad unit (Pin, Branded Search and Takeover) consists of three components, each holds different elements of the ad:

Campaign Ad Location
  • Determines the ad unit (Pin, Branded Search or Takeover).
  • Connects between ads and locations.
  • Holds the budget for pins and Takeovers.
  • Holds the targeting (by selected locations only, opening hours or schedule).
  • Holds the bid for Takeover ads.


  • Holds the ad images.
  • Holds the CTA


  • Holds the text and URL of the ad.


  • Holds the ad coordinates (physical location).
  • Holds the location information
  • Holds the bid for Pin ads.


  • Holds the ad texts (titlea nd description).

How do ads, campaigns and locations connect?

For ads to run on locations, there must be a campaign tying both together. Each campaign must hold an ad and at least one location.

When creating a new ad, make sure it's linked to a campaign, or it will not be presented to Waze drivers. You can't save a campaign without linking it to an ad.

We recommend creating new campaigns to hold newly created ads. By doing so, you can best compare how each creative performs. 

In the Local Plus solution, different creatives can apply to one location. Simply create several ads (and campaigns, respectively) for different times of the day/week and run the campaign on locations according to a schedule. Learn how here.

Unlike campaigns and locations, ads cannot be disabled. To stop using an ad, simply create a new one and connect it to your desired campaign. You can also refresh an ad with new creatives. Learn how here.