Get a high-level summary of your ads performance

The overview page provides you with a high-level summary of your campaigns performance to help you to effectively manage your Waze ad campaign.

For an in-depth overview of your ad units and locations performance, go to Manage Campaigns or Manage Locations.

"XX Wazers saw your ad YY times on average"

The number of times an impression was shown, divided by number of unique users exposed. The date range is either from the first impression served or the past 6 months, whichever is sooner. 

Ad Spend

  • Total Spent: How much your Branded Pin ads spent during the selected period.
  • Daily Avg.: How much your Branded Pin campaign spent per day during the selected period, on average,

Performance Summary

Top performance metrics and action rates for the selected period.

Per Ad Unit

  • Impressions: The number of times your ad was displayed to Wazers. Impressions help you understand how often your ads are shows to Wazers.
  • Ad Unit Clicks: The number of times Wazers clicked on a Branded Pin or Promoted Search result. Clicks show engagement and capture intent from Waze users.
  • Navigations: The number of times Wazers clicked "Drive There" or "Go" from a Branded Pin or Promoted Search result.


  • Total impressions: The total sum of impressions across all ad units.
  • Total Actions: The total number of interactions Wazers had with both ad formats, including clicks, navigations and calls. 
  • Total Action Rate: How often Wazers engage with your ad once it's shown to them, calculated by dividing impressions with actions. This metric helps you measure interaction with your ads.
Tip: Experiment with different descriptions and images and measure the impact on Total Action Rate.


Number of daily impressions for Pins (in green) and Search (in purple). This graph can help you identify daily traffic trends around your locations (for example: weekend vs. weekdays).

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