Ad performance metrics

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All Channels metrics


Number of times your ads were displayed on a Waze user's screen in Search, Pin and Takeover ads


Number of  'Drive There' or 'Go' taps from your ads


Number of times users tapped on your Pin or Search results

Ad Downloads  (Channel Partners, Local Plus)

Number of non-Drive There CTA taps (Save for Later, for example)

Inbox impressions (Channel Partners, Local Plus)

Number of times users viewed a saved inbox item from your ads

Inbox Action Clicks (Channel Partners, Local Plus)

Number of times users tapped on an inbox item's action button



Budget spent in the defined period in Pin and Takeover ads

Call or URL

Number of times users called or visited your website from your ads



Info Button Clicks

Number of info button taps from Pin and Takeover ads

Ad Units metrics



Clicks  ÷  Impressions  ×  100

% Navigate Rate

Navigations from clicks rate:

Navigations  ÷  Clicks  ×  100

% Navigations of Impressions (Local Plus)

Navigations from Takeover impressions rate:

Navigations  ÷  Takeover Impressions  ×  100  

% Download Rate (Channel Partners, Local Plus)

Total number of Inbox Action Button clicks divided by total Inbox Impressions:

Inbox Action Button Clicks   ÷   Inbox Impressions   ×   100


Total number of Call taps from your ads

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