Generate & download reports

You can generate and export report from all three main "Manage" tabs: Manage Campaigns, Manage Locations and Manage Ads.

Filter current data

  1. Sign in at and enter the account.
  2. From the left panel, navigate to one of the 3 "Manage" tabs
  3. Filter data by:
    1. Time range: By clicking the time range and selecting or customizing a time range.
    2. Ad unit: By clicking 'All channels' and selecting a specific ad unit.
    3. Metrics: By checking the boxes of the metrics that interest you most.
    4. Locations/Campaigns/Ads: By checking the box near individual items from the list in the current tab.
  4. Click Generate to show filtered data. 

Download reports

You can export the current view broken down by items (campaigns, locations or ads) or dates.

    By days

    To export a day-by-day report, click the Export button located at the "Reports" section.

    By items

    To export a report broken down by items, click the Export button located at the top-right of the items list.

Got questions?

My number of Navigations is greater than Clicks, how is that possible?

The number of Navigations appears to be be greater than the number of Clicks because this includes History navigations.

History navigation represents repeat navigation to your location from a history search result. While history navigations are registered, clicks are not, thus the discrepancy between Clicks and Navigations.

If you wish to see the exact number of history navigations, follow these steps:

1. Go to Manage Locations.
2. Filter the desired date range and click Select.
3. Change All Channels to History.
4. Click Generate.

In the overview page's Performance Summary, what does "Action Rate" and "Total Actions" mean?

See here under "Performance Summary".

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