Provide access to users

Provide full or read only access to any Waze user

If the person you'd like to give access to doesn't have a Waze user yet, they should create one first:

  1. Go to and click Advertise on Waze.
  2. Click Sign in with Google.
  3. Follow the instructions until you reach the "Business Name" screen.
Congratulations, you created a Waze Ads user! Don't proceed past the "Business Name" screen if you don't intend to place a new ad.

Provide access to a new Waze Ads user

  1. From the left panel, go to Account Settings and then Access.
  2. Enter a username or email.
  3. Select access type from the drop-down menu:
  • Read Only – View, filter stats and export reports only.
  • Full – Fully manage the account.
  1. Click Add Access.
To remove a user's access from your account, click Delete next to the username.
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