Target specific locations

"All locations" spreads your the budget evenly between all locations in the account, based on the traffic around each location.

However, you can draw more attention to one or several locations by allocating a specific budget just for them:

  1. Go to Manage Campaigns and click Add Campaign.
  2. Fill out all the fields, including the desired budget, according to the guidelines listed here.
  3. Under "Locations", toggle to Selected locations only.
  4. Copy/paste the location IDs from each location's URL, separated by commas.
  5. Click Create Campaign.

Prevent campaign overlapping

When connecting locations to new Pin campaigns, make sure to disable old Pin campaigns by setting their status to Disabled. When you keep two Pin campaigns targeting the same location the same time, you create a competition between the two pins at that location.

This means you might be charged twice for the same location, while reducing the effectiveness of the ad.

When targeting or budgeting one location specifically, please remember to delete this location's ID from other campaigns:

  1. Select the campaign you wish to remove the location from.
  2. Click Selected locations only.
  3. Delete the location ID from the locations list.
  4. Click Update Campaign to save changes.
  • Make sure the targeted locations are not targeted in other campaigns of the same ad unit (i.e Takeover, Pins, Search).
  • When targeting ads by schedule, make sure your schedules don't overlap.
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