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This article explains how Waze Local Starter advertisers can edit the location and business information of their promoted locations. To learn how to edit organic locations on Waze, visit the Waze Help Center

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View all your locations

From the left navigation panel, click Manage Locations to view all the locations (active and inactive) in your account.

Edit a single location

  1. Click the location name on the locations list.
  2. Mark the checkbox next to a location you want to edit, then click Edit.
  3. Make the necessary changes and click Save.

Edit multiple locations at once

  1. Mark the checkboxes next to the locations you want to edit.
  2. Click the Edit button.
  3. Edit only the fields you would like to change in all locations.
  4. Click Update All to save changes.

Enable and disable locations

  1. Select the checkbox next to the locations you want to update, then click Edit.
  2. Switch the "Location status" to Disabled or Enabled. If you're changing the status of multiple locations, select either Paused or Active.
  3. Click Save or Update All to save changes.


How can I apply opening hours that cross over to the next day? (19:00-01:00, for example)

Enter the opening hours in both days. For example, if your opening hours are Monday-Friday 19:00-01:00, enter the following:
  • Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri: 19:00-00:00
  • Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat: 00:00-01:00
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