Ad units in Waze Local

Waze Local drives customers to your business with three distinct ad units:

Promoted Search

With your business name and logo at the top of the search results, drivers can quickly find and identify your business location.

How Search Works

When drivers begin typing a search query, Waze presents auto-complete results for nearby locations matching the characters typed thus far. Your business will appear there based on name-matching and your location’s distance from the user.

Once users hit Search, Waze displays a locations list consisting organic locations and one promoted search result at the top. If your business name is a match, it will appear at the top of the list.

Promoted search is offered as a value-add to branded pins, so you don’t pay for search impressions.

Important: You must have a matching Branded Pin campaign active in your account to promote your locations in Promoted Search.

Branded Pins

Pins act like digital billboards, reminding nearby drivers of your business and marking it on the Waze map.

How Pins Work

Your branded pin will appear on the map when users' map view include you location. Your pin won’t show up all the time—the frequency with which your pin is displayed depends on your budget, CPM bid, and your competition.

Drivers can expand your branded pin with a simple tap to reveal useful information about your business. Once the pin is expanded, it shows your customized images and text, along with an info button that reveals more about your business: opening hours, website, phone number, services, and more.

Drivers can navigate to your business directly from your pin and even mark it as favorite.

Zero-Speed Takeovers

Zero-Speed Takeovers are available to Local Plus advertisers and Channel Partners. Learn more about Waze Ads solutions

Takeovers offer an immersive experience while still keeping the user in the context of their drive. 

How Takeovers Work

While drivers are on their route, a Takeover banner will display when they are at full stop for several seconds, and disappear once they resume driving.

Takeovers offer drivers to navigate to your business, learn more about it, save your location or save an offer to their inbox.

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