Calculate spend and impressions

The budget you set determines the maximum number of impressions your Pin and Takeover campaigns can deliver to Waze users within a set time period.

Each ad unit has its own budgets and CPM bids, except for Branded Search, which is available for free, as a value-add.

Calculate your max budget spent

Impressions  ×  CPM Bid  ÷  1,000  =  Maximum spent

To serve a maximum of 100,000 impressions per month for a monthly Pin campaign with a $2 bid, you will have to spend $200, see calculation:

(100,000 impressions  ×  $2 CPM bid)  ÷  1,000 =   $200 budget

Calculate your max impressions

Budget  ÷  CPM Bid  ×  1,000  =  Maximum impressions

For a monthly Takeover campaign with a $1,200 budget and $20 bid, the maximum number of impressions your campaign could reach each month is 60,000. See calculation:

($1,200 budget  ÷  $20 CPM bid)  ×  1,000  =  60,000 impressions


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