Account approval process

Once you click Create Account, your account is created and sent to the our team for approval.

During the approval process, we ensure your business, ad text and creatives align with Waze Ads policies:

  • Waze users can navigate to your advertised locations and receive the advertised services
  • Your ad pin is placed accurately on the map
  • The advertiser name, location name, and category accurately represent the advertised business
  • Your ad and business are providing a positive and safe experience to Waze users
  • Your ad is not misleading or confusing Waze users.

Additionally, as mentioned in the Waze Ads policy, Waze may reject or remove a specific ad at any time for any or no reason, as determined by Waze in its sole discretion.

The review process can take up to 48 hours. During this time, we might contact you if we identify any issues with your new account.
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