How to choose your images

You can pin your business on the Waze map with default category images.

However, to get the most of your ads, we strongly recommend to prepare the following 3 high-resolution images:

Icon image  

Your business's logo. It's a small image image marking your business location on the map and search results, so choose it wisely.

  • 152x112 pixels
  • Should be your most strong and recognizable logo, with no additional text
  • Approximately 30% of the overall image should be white space.

Info page logo image  

A high-resolution version of your logo, displayed on your location preview screen.

  • 690x550 pixels

Banner image  

Large and detailed image image marketing your products or services. Displayed on pin preview screen, right after Wazers tap your pin.

  • 200x200 pixels
  • This image is paired with your location description to communicate your ad message in a clear and simple format.

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